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The saddest thing is that even if we would be managed to change legislation to allow us to kill criminal Niggers to prevent them from being re-injected into society it wouldn't help.

In Africa many countries live by Sharia law. They kill Niggers in the most primitive ways by setting them on fire etc. They even chop dozens of arms, hands, and feet to those who steal. Not even this deters Niggers from breaking the law. The Nigger beast is just an animal. Nothing can tame it. Nothing can stop it. The only peace you will have is when there aren't any left.

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Im gonna say eliminate the waste. Things will get better.

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I really feel bad for elderly white ppl that have to live near these monkeys.

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"in a fit of rage" you mean garden variety everyday chimpout.

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They walk around in a state of rage. The dumb animals belong in a jungle, not in white civilization. Their inability to understand how to function in society keeps them constantly enraged.

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Love how the bus driver did nothing, nobody does anything. Nogs are not human, they are savage animals and should be treated as such.

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What do you expect from an animal. I bet you would never see this on CNN.

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She diddin do nuffin wrong, he was disrespectin her ass. damn crackas. lol

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Meanwhile, the crew of the U.S.S. Liberty is still waiting for justice.

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Not just an elderly white man, but an elderly old white man. Damn, that's old.