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They are 2% of the U.S. population, and so self-entitled...

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So racist their food is even racist so we are all the racists.... Yeah fuck every single Kike. All MUST DIE.

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Don't take Ari, my accountant- he is one of the good ones. Saved me $22k last year.

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Sure, but that 3% of the population saw horrors you can't imagine, why yes that 4% survived guard dogs and gas chambers and electric floors, but don't you forget the 5% who were turned into soap and lampshades and lived to tell about it, so that we may never forget the 6%


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The Russians survived a much more horrific situation, anyone who says Jews have had ti rough need to fucking check history.

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Gibs go to the most intolerant. Be more intolerant.

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2% of the population, 90% of Hollywood and the media, 99% of the whining and 100% of the usury.

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oy vey you goys are being too hard on this poor holocaust victim. We jews expect better from you lowly gentiles. You all need to try harder to please us! Shaloms™✡️

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Thank-you. Your wisdom benefits us all.

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Oven dodger

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Fuck me, the turd people are really on here aren't they? Oy very is right tiny hat. Now be good boy and dive into Bermuda to get them shekels.

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Thank you for your corrective guidance. Truly, the masater race.


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A life without bacon would drive anyone crazy.

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Looks like she is having the "ground chuck".

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Always the victim.. Even when they are the aggressor

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Yep, this is a great example of "crying out in pain as she strikes you."

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With jews you lose.

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Exactly the reaction one would expect from the worlds highest IQ group.............

Edit: How the fuck did I mistype that...

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Japanese population's IQ is higher I think.

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Oy vey this is worse than Hitler!

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I bartended for this rich Jew I knew through my regular job. he hired me to basically open beer bottles/soda etc. for this party he was throwing. Anyways, his maid came into the kitchen to make coffee, and she somehow messed it up and coffee ended spilling all over the floor.

Anyways, this jew's wife comes in, and without even asking what happened, she starts screaming at me in front of about 50 people, "what are you doing to my house? What are you doing to my house?" Jew women I think are even worse than the men.

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