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Rob Ford would have smoked some crack and then beat the shit out of this new faggot mayor.

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That crazy fuck is dead?

Looked into it... he died of cancer.

Not what I would have expected.

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I knew that there would come a day that we would rue the passing of the Honorable Mayor Ford.

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Didn't he hang with niggers? Rob Ford was almost a communist on my political spectrum.

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He didn't hang with them, only bought crack from them

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Ironically, Ford was a politically incorrect libertarian.

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It's Canadian dollars. Liberal toilet paper.

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The really sick thing is that if he were caught doing this at a strip club with an actual woman, it would be a massive scandal and feminists would pitch a fit.

But since it's with a tranny, it's "progressive" and must be lauded.

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joke's on you, our dollars are coins and plastic. and we now have one commemorating the struggle of faggots. so awesome.

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So brave... now eat it or you're a bigot!

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On Mother's Day.

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You know what happened to Berlin? Hitler happened.

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I keep telling people this. Hitler came to power because Germany was suffering with the same exact Jewish lead degenerate problem. “The Jew will tell you he was beaten, but never why he was beaten.”

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Why do they even put up with this? Is the pride of the virtue signal for something like this worth that much to them? To say they put money in a tranny's whatever to show that they support this kind of stuff. Going above and beyond for a tranny and all the wretchedness for this alone to say the least in the end.

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