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The Buzzfeed writer proposing banning this fine, talented girl was (((Bernstein))).


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He’s the same blockhead that got MDE shoah’d.

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[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xtaazW6NXXc] (link to Sam Hyde Bernstein interview)

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MaybeMark and Owen will get together and rub their menorah's on each other?

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Owen did great by attacking the white race claiming there is no such thing as white, and that being [roud to be white is same as being CIS proud. lol My fellow jew is doing great!

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When mark dice endorses her that's when you know she is really just an alt lite cuck. Won't name the jew. Blacks are white so long as they act white.

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lol watch her shit, she names the jew constantly, in the kid's fuckin' minecraft server she built a giant star of david behind the faggot rainbow flag and makes final solution and gas jokes all the time. Dice is a bit of a faggot but a bunch of other Youtubers have interviewed her too.

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Good to know then that Doc is getting her media attention

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I can't stand that faggot. The way he moves and bobs his head like a retard, he needs to put down the crack pipe.

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i like him but you are right...that jump and head bob needs to stop.

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Purity spirals kill. Mark dice may be mental junk food for boomers, but he's doing good work.

Can't expect every individual to be perfect.

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That's the way I look at it. Dice is an irritating asshole, but he is talking about things that need to be talked about.

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I saw a video where she said we need a final solution it was a quick drop, but she did say it. Forget what video, but it's there. Can't really get a grasp on her ideas on jews or israel.

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What happened to him? He use to not bounce like that and talk with that silly lisp.

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Dice is trying to reach the lowest common denominator, for the widest audience. He's after the numbers.

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Man my favorite youtuber commentiquette used to rail on this guy but he actually makes sense.

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The kid is actually pretty fuckin' hilarious.

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"lets say you need some fruit from the top of that tree there. but your pussy ass weak female body wont allow you to.women with high pitched voices are more likely to get men to do shit for them. women with deep voices had to rely on other methods to get men to do shit for them, so if your ancestor had a deep voices, chances are, she did anal"


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(((Mark Shouldice)))

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I find some of Mark Dice's videos amusing, but that illiterate motherfucker needs to learn how to pronounce "valedictorian"; he keeps saying "valeVictorian" like some inbred IQ-deficient buffoon.

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