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This is a very obvious example of neurotic Jewish behavior which has been documented for thousands of years. This behavior exists in just about every Jew with the difference being the level that they can hide it. Listen to interviews with Jerry Seinfeld, he displays the same traits this creature shows only in a much more diluted form. Seriously, look for toned down versions of this type of behavior in the Jews you see in your life and tell me if it isn't a "the goyim know" moment for you.

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Little ben shapiro did it recently on the bbc, it was hilarious to watch him crash and burn.


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I could never take Shapiro seriously. That Jew debates college freshman, and high school students and then gloats about how he crushed them on twitter. Like wtf. You are beating children with pilpul tactics little man. I’d love to see him debate E Michael Jones, Ramzpaul or anyone other than who he normally “debates.”

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Great example. When you see this behavior pattern in one Jew you can't help but see it in all of them.

I have always noted that the Jews are easy to trick and taunt if you know their buttons. That's why for most of their history Jews have been on the outskirts of society, it's only for brief periods that Jews can be as brazen as they are today. Unlike Europeans Jews never enter a state of harmony with the surrounding area, they always agitate and prod, which is to their benefit until they are eventually rebelled against.

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How much grease does that little cowboy hat/yarmulke wearing, dradle spinning, hand rubbing yid have in his hair?

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He was a little bit neurotic about the way the guy was framing his questions but Shapiro was far from losing that exchange. He got in all his Zionist propaganda while throwing red meat to boomers

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This neurotic behavior would've gotten that little freak hurt if he approached me like that. Specifically when he swung his bag over his shoulder, winding up to hit me- that's when I would break him.

Are people afraid to defend themselves against jews because of how litigious they are?

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Are people afraid to defend themselves against jews because of how litigious they are?


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Specifically when he swung his bag over his shoulder, winding up to hit me- that's when I would break him.

I would have drawn at that point.

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yup. Their neuroses is in their DNA. It dawned on me today that narcissism must also involved in their genetic predisposition.

If you look at some traits of narcissism you start seeing these exact characteristics exhibited that cause jews to be so despised.


  • Self-aggrandizement to the point of exaggeration, deception and outright lying.
  • Seeking and requiring excessive attention, admiration and rewards from others.
  • Fantasies of fame, power and success. Belief in their superiority over others.
  • Exploitation of others without feelings of guilt.
  • Envy of others. Belief that the perception is reciprocated.
  • Given to frustration, anger and irrationality when they do not get what they want.

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This was seriously my very first red-pill in to jewish behaviour. I've had a handful of jewish "friends," throughout my life, and without fail— Every. Single. One... showed these traits eventually. They're comfortable when everyone "knows their place." But annoy them in any serious way and hoooooolyyyyy shit: watch them fucking kvetch 'till the end of time.

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It looks like Quasimodo got raped by Anne Frank.

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Top comment on YouTube compares him to a cross between Gollum and an Oompa Loompa.

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Makes you wonder who was drunker than the other.

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Look like they only gassed partway

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Lol you got that in the right order, Anne Frank was a sexual deviant.

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oy vey we don't want your goy noises in our ears! Shaloms™✡️

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Beauty is something that is appalling to the Jew. For whatever reason the mathematic symmetry which is so pleasing to Europeans is like nails on a chalkboard to the Jew. It's why Jews in general cannot compose classical music but are adept at using the synthetic beats which dominate pop radio. It's why classical architecture and art are dismissed by (((them))) and disjointed and abstract abominations are praised.

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I like how when my fellow uppity jews get triggered they always say: "How dare you! Who do you think you are? Where are you from!". Its hilarious

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I remember seeing this vid years ago but didn't make the jew connection.

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Ditto, it all makes sense now.

I walked BOB DYLAN onto the stage, who the fuck are you?!

Well, Bobby was also a jew, and he sucked even whilst stealing other people's work.

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Weird little dwarf Jew. He's only three-quarters of a Rogan tall.

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He's a little toe, not a big toe.

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Inbreeding will do that to you.....jews have the worst genes, just look at all the horrible diseases kikes are riddled with. Aesthetically hideous, Pathetically weak, prevelant mental and physical illnesses......the only way jews could survive in a natural selection sense is to lie/deceive.

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Or parasitize a healthy host. When the host dies, move to the next one. Unfortunately they have become a world-wide parasite, and there's no other host to move on to.

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Wait. Just fucking hold on a minute. That thing is male!? I was certain; had no question in my mind, that that was a female. Are you sure? Ugly as fuck but a female.

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Literally looks and acts like a troll who crawled out from the pit of hell.

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Satans Little Helper

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He has a head like a deformed putty playdough mix of Andre the Giant and Danny DeVito, he is an ugly drug addicted midget retarded Jew dwarf, he is the co-founder of The Flower Power Creative in New York, from Clark University, UC Berkley Commiefornia and JewYork Visual Arts, October 2013, the video was uploaded and spread like wildfire on LiveLeak, Facebook, Twitter and JewTube. Within days it garnered more than 300k views, maybe millions of views across multiple platforms. Levinson has stated that he has no apology to make, "I WENT TO FILM SCHOOL" another new york loon

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"An artist respects the silence!!" lololololo

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Ironic isn't it?

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Like a garden gnome suddenly coming to life.

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