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Why is the driver with a handgun shooting when the passenger has an AR?

[–] klobos 9 points -3 points (+6|-9) ago 

Because the suspect was busted with a few grams of a naturally growing plant and was such a threat to society he needed to be taken out immediately.

[–] Pepe_LeKek2017 6 points 1 point (+7|-6) ago 

Fuck your plants bitch. You shoot at cops, you die. End of story.

[–] Master_Foo 6 points -2 points (+4|-6) ago 


I really don't give a fuck about if pot is legalized or not. But, think of it this way. The people who get caught with pot, they get caught because they are stupid. And stupid people are always the correct people to shoot.

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“We need medics” lol yeah, just 30 shots to the face, a little cpr outta do!

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What. A. Jackass.

Cops are what, 82 IQ on average?

Does anyone have a link to a story about what this suspect did to deserve 960 bullets to the head while driving in a densely populated neighborhood??

[–] Pepe_LeKek2017 2 points 1 point (+3|-2) ago  (edited ago)

Did you miss the part where he said the guy was aiming a gun at them (1:26), or do you think you could have handled the situation perfectly? Try being shot at some time, it'll help you remove your head from your ass when commenting about life or death situations.

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I think given the glass, the bullet proof vest, the inability of the driver to shoot effectively, that shooting from a moving police vehicle in a crowded residential area is a bad idea.

This isn't a gang of armed robbers shooting ARs out the vehicle, it was some guy shooting randomly with a pistol, the chances of you being hit are slim to nill and part of the job is risk.

[–] CantDentTheBrent ago 


You mean the bad guy didn't dump clip after clip?

[–] Master_Foo 1 point 1 point (+2|-1) ago  (edited ago)

General rule of thumb. If a person runs away from the police on a high speed chase through a populated area. Chances are, that person probably did something.

I mean, most scenarios happen like this. <lights flash behind you, and you pull over> "Oh, hi officer, yeah, I probably shouldn't have been driving 5 miles over the speed limit. Oh, you'll let me off with a warning? OK have a nice day sir!"

So, when it doesn't happen like that, it's probably because the person getting stopped was doing something a little worse than driving 5 miles over the limit. Shoot the irresponsible fuck in the face so the rest of society doesn't have to pay for his irresponsibility.

[–] Sometimesineedhelp ago 

Did you read about this case? His family called the police because he was hallucinating

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That is some seriously good fire and maneuver. What branch was he in, because that's definitely far above typical cop shit.

Edit, evidently the cop was fired for this. I am far from a cop fan, but I have no issue with what he did. Controlled pairs, watching beyond the target, smooth transitions. Guarantee he was a Marine.

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If I understand the article, he was fired because of the shooting through the windshield while driving in a heavily populated residential area.

His actions on the ground were fine IMHO, if a bit.. overly aggressive.

I think at a certain point you don't need to shoot a guy 74 times to neutralize the threat, as much as I support the polices ability to protect themselves.

The final kill shots, the guy had his hands on the wheel for god sakes.

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Holy shit! Changing mags...clearing a jam...all while pursuit driving?😂. Great job officer. One serious question for those who may know.....”How does the slope of the windshield alter bullet trajectory if at all? (Refraction etc.)

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windshield alter bullet trajectory

You have to aim higher. What you should do in that situation is make a hole big enough that you can then shoot thru the hole and not the glass. But I'm no expert. I saw some video on YT about this.

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What you should do in that situation is make a hole big enough that you can then shoot thru the hole and not the glass.

Please never do this, you would be wasting ammo and throwing rounds errantly down the street.

When shooting out of a car the rounds are adjusted upwards slightly, downwards shooting in. Think how light is refracted inside glass, however depending on the round the effect will not be extremely dramatic. It depends more on the surface area of the round and its muzzle energy. A hollow point 9mm will be more thrown off than a TMJ Rifle round.

[–] tomdogg ago 

I’ve seen that video, but that video was about shooting someone through bulletproof glass.

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this cop is a moron, you don't know shit about policing

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During the pursuit, the officer throwing lead randomly in a residential neighborhood posed a greater danger to the public than the fleeing suspect.

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Real life action movie. Never would have believed it had I not seen it. Unreal

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Anaslime PD....is about the sleeziest in OC...allot of body bags and Brady cops are in that dept. Shitty cops,disgrace to the badge. My family was LE and they have always said APD always rides dirty...

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