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First rule of improv is "Yes, and..."

Whites Colonized the world, and ended child mortality. Whites conquered ancient territory, and founded nations within nations for defeated peoples. Whites enslaved Africans, and were the first to free them. Whites colonized Africa, and shared with them all the knowledge of agriculture and science gathered over thousands of years of civilization. Men subjugated women, and I'm exchange for children and faithfulness provided for them their entire life. Whites genocided the natives of America, and discovered the theory of germs so these things never happen again. Whites invented capitalism and therefore alienation, and ushered in an age of prosperity such that even the poorest in society have access to medicine and information not even available to presidents 50 years ago. Whites have killed more people than any other ethnic group; and have saved more through agriculture, rule of law, and medicine than all other ethnic groups combined. Men rape women, and men hang rapists. Whites discriminate against blacks, and whites support blacks through charity and cooperation in music and arts.

People who collect grievances are preparing for genocide. You can't contradict them you can only replace their thought with another more positive thought. Don't go to whataboutisms and turn it around, don't justify your actions, go straight to the good. You will never run out of all the good that whites do. List five good things for every bad thing they mention. Do this with people who want to be victims. You're handicapped, and you're in a country that innovates treatments for handicaps like no other. You're racially prejudiced against, and you to use infrastructure you don't pay for. You're hunted by the police, and you receive police services when many rural communities must police themselves.

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