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He's definitely a nigger.

I don't think those are white men. They have no balls.

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No balls at all. I would have said shut that shit up. But nooooo. Weak shits. This country is gunna burn. Damn it.

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So.... The shit skin in Political office in charge of this circus and all the power to fuck over this panel of white men, is evidence of white power?

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Im sure they are all (((white))) when it suits them.

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https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=NhnO8CUfJDQ :

Dem Rep. Al Green Tells Bankers: 'You Appear To Be White Men' - YouTube

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... ..... ...... ... JEW MEDIA SILENT !!!

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Jew bankers silent

Mr. Dimon was born in New York of a family of immigrants from Greece. He is Jewish

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what a great way to turn the banker class into white nationalists.

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