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Soy, feminism and single mothers short answer.

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I would also add a complete lack of anything of meaning, it's all being stripped from life. When everything in your life is pointless work, pointless games, pointless social interactions, some gay movie may be the closest thing to something meaningful you've seen in a while.

Remember, most of these guys are "enlightened" atheists, meaning hedonistic nihilists.

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Excellent point. Religion/faith and honor has been taken away from us, but until very recently, those values could still be experienced in genre fiction. Comics and sci-fi were some of the last places where these ideals existed. It was the last refuge of a lot of people, even though they may not have even realized it. Now even those things are being hollowed out by the SJWs. There is precious little left of Star Wars.

Also, for all you people thinking this is just faggotry, you have to remember that the stories we tell are a huge part of shared culture. Destroy the stories, and you knock out an important pillar of civilization.

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Pop culture is the only "culture" most Americans know. Even in church everything has to be related to Star Wars or Harry Potter or Classic Rock.

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That’s a good point as well.

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White Men are the only ones who can take down the Kikes. Kikes are feminizing White Men

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I’m very aware of that. I’m disconnecting as many people I can as quickly as I can. Reversing the manipulation is one of the most difficult tasks I’ve come across.

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Short answer. Right answer.

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He misspelled Kikes

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Being a pathetic piece of shit with no value can cause spontaneous emotional breakdowns. To them life is just about distracting themselves long enough to realize how suicidal they are.

So makes sense that the realization that a shitty Star Wars movie is the highlight of your existence, would make a grown man weep openly. That's gotta be a painful revelation.

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That's not a man.

Not sure what it is, but it's definitely not a man.

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Western men aren't crying over Star Wars. Don't be fucking ridiculous. It's a bunch of jews and handful of faggots the muslims can't wait to kill.

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crying: appropriate at funerals or the grand canyon.

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Or tears of joy after slaying your enemies.

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Ron Swanson?

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People cry when they feel sorry for themselves.

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Holy shit. I hope his penis enjoys being lonely. What a pathetic display. No woman wants this. This is disgusting.

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I actually feel bad for the man-child after seeing how much hate he's getting on Youtube. I guess I'm too soft hearted.

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Maybe, but maybe he needs some good old fashioned ribbing. Men need this from other men to prevent this exact scenario. Men should of course be allowed to feel and express appropriate emotion, but this is ridiculous.

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Interesting. You saw the same thing in North Korea when Kim Jong Il died and those that didn't mourn as hard as they should have were "reprimanded." I'm seeing more folks with the emotional maturation of a child absolutely break down at inconsequential events and have a nervous breakdown when I say "I hate niggers." I was a star wars fan but this is the reason I decided to do something more constructive with my free time instead of bow down to the golden calf known as disney.

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Men are not crying over star bores. Must be a different gender.

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Atheist faggots. They jerk off to Captain Picard and dream about getting pegged by an alien.

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