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My back aches watching that man work.

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Ive worked a job like this, extremely physically demanding, and not worth the paycheck. Luckily ive got out quick for better job offers.

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I used to work sheet metal fabrication. I kinda miss swinging the hammer all day tbh.

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When I was a kid my father used to do this shit in the garage, on a surburban housing estate. I still remember the smell of moulten iron in the crucible. These days hobbies are xbox and jewflix.

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We modern men have NO IDEA what hard work looks like. I could not imagine doing this for 12 hours a day. God bless our forefathers let us not dishonor their legacy.

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Those of us raised on a farm understand.

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Thanks for posting that! I love those old time machine shop things.

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Making AR lowers ?

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Hopefully not with cast iron. Aluminum is much lighter to deal with and easier to machine.

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Very good post.

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