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A group of "teens", do you mean a pack of niggers?

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The two yutes

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Love the woke comments on jewtube.

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Which is why jewtube is going to ban comments fairly soon, and why Dissenter is going to take off.

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When Youtube deletes the comment section on most if not all videos traffic will drop significantly. Tons of people go one there for not only the videos, but the comment sections as well. They are totally overplaying their hand if they do away with the comments.

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Dissenter addon for firefox is already banned. I'm switching to something else soon, like Brave.

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Okay; this cracked me up:


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Fucking lol, i missed that one.

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Solid one after another

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Leann cannot understand what triggered the violence...

Answer: Niggers being allowed to roam free.

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If they had strong second amendment rights in MA then the old boy or even the faggot Asian with a smart phone could have made a much better video than this.

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"Could not understand what triggered the violence..."

C'mon sweetheart. We all know.

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Expand upon that because I legitimately don't know what you're getting at.

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Reddit is over here:


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It's coming like a runaway freight train. DOTR is coming.

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"people step in and throw punches" good.

Can we stop pretending we don't know why yet?

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Boyfriend fought like a fag

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True but it is kind of hard to find good self defense fighting instruction and MMA and martial arts are not suitable.

And the blacks fought like shit too. Most people can't fight.

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