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White devil 😂😂

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I have a friend from the south that was invited to a black bbq with his girl friend. The blacks that invited him are actually good, well to do southern folk. Coveralls, doc martins, white t shirt, church on Sunday, work on Monday types (Louisiana oilfield hands). Anyways, him and his girl are there standing around talking when he notices the 80/90 year old grandma is death glaring my friends girl. She’s a cute blonde who keeps to her self, and noticed that she was getting mad dogged something fierce. So, as the story goes, she walks off to grab another beer for her and her bf, and say hello to the grandma along the way, you know, to be polite. As she walked up to the old bat and says hello, the grandma flys off the handle, screaming the lords name in vain and starts going off about how “Dey all gunna be cursed being in that white devils presence.” It took her by surprise and the host of the party apologized repeatedly saying that she was from another time.

My friend and her are now married with 2 kids, and her nickname and gamer tag on PlayStation is jokingly “White-Devil.” I’m really not doing the story justice, my friend tells is so much better that he had me rolling on the floor in stitches of laughter. Thought I’d share

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haha all white goyim should go to shvartza BBQ

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You did it justice. My grandfather was rolling around CRT monitors explaining to me how the Nazis were coming to attack us. Old folks get a little weird. I hope to be that weird one day.

E: Yes, my dad had a lot of CRT monitors lying around. I realize the story doesn't make sense without knowing that.

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It's amusing in a way, but do not forget that those apes HATE YOU. As a white person you cannot understand what it is like to have the hatred in your heart that blacks have. We may think we understand it, but we do not have the capability to hate like blacks do.

Blacks fantasize about killing you like you would fantasize about buying a new Ferrari. The opportunity may never come up in an individuals blacks life where they could get away with it, and they may value their freedom over satisfying the urge to "kill whitey", but the urge is there. It lies dormant.

On rare occasion we get to see this first hand, like when blacks openly celebrated OJ killing a white girl and getting away with it. Even the well dressed ones who come across as special and different were clapping right along side of the hood rats. It gives them pleasure to think of your children dying. In South Africa all those "we want equality blacks" turned into "we want to confiscate your wealth blacks" which turned into "we will openly kill whitey blacks".

Never forget this. They absolutely hate you with every fiber of their being.

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All the blacks I see in videos and places like twitter are all a bunch of white hating niggers but IRL most blacks are friendly and I never see them looking at me or other whites like they hate us at all. It is a big city thing?

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Niggers Aren't Human..

This is an example of Planet Of The Apes.

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In proximity to a specific demographic one should not become lackadaisical.

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Around spics, don't slip?

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Around Armenians, don't be a comedian?

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I almost got killed by Armenians in America for kissing one.

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Around Ethiopians, don't leave your doors open?

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Around lesbians don't be a pedestrian?

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do you have a non-pozzed link you stupid faggot?

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nah thats a garbage blocker. I use Ad-Nauseum and ScriptSafe, which I use to block anything from twitter, so nothing loads at all on any news sites that call tweets "news".

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I don’t like cops.

But, if he opened fire on them as they approached and surrounded, and I was on the jury, I would vote self defence/not guilty.

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GAS GAS GAS! Just repeating song lyrics, I'm in no way advocating for the extermination of the pavement apes.

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A Mr. Bond fan, eh.

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Do you like my car?

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Pink all the sidewalks Nationwide with thousands of gallons of fresh NIGGER BLOOD

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FBI is evolving with these calls for violence.

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Choke on a mile of nigger dick. The FBI has already subverted all the things. Oh, I guess you should just let niggers in your house, fuck your kids, turn out your wife. Just give up. Right?

Fuck you ZOG.

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Either the FBI manages to kick something off and we get to kill a bunch of niggers for a day or two before we all get murked by 2000 pound bombs dropped by Jamal Force 1 and UN niggers occupy our streets and they take our gun rights away entirely, or we continue down this long path of attrition where no one does anything and our people get corrupted into traitors. I'm sure a lot of people have families and dreams and goals. Personally I just want to blast an entire street of niggers in my lifetime without being a piece of shit who murders 'innocent' people. Lets get a good rampage going FBI niggers.

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I like you.

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When I was a security guard, and I would call PD. Every time the criminal would start to fight.

Ill take any and all lawful orders :)

They never needed my help...

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That was a very deadly situation. One cop on the ground tied up with a nigger male surrounded by other niggers. Circling like the hyenas they are.

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Yep, if just one of them had made a move the rest would have jumped in, it's like blood lust, the first sign of vulnerability and they swarm.

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So many of these places are going to be target-rich environments during the upcoming chaos.

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Stinking piles of bio-weapons. Don't be in the death corridors. Major metros are death traps.

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Major metros are death traps.


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You are so right. 99% of people don't believe it is coming. They have no idea of the state of the global economy, the size of global debt (US$250 trillion just in plain, old-fashioned debt) and that it can never be paid off.

When it doesn't get paid off, it means that people have to admit that the paper they are holding has no value.

Then what? All of your wealth is gone. How are you going to eat?

Today: world population 7.5 billion. Ten years from now: ????????????????

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Today: world population 7.5 billion. Ten years from now: ????????????????

If my assumptions are correct: Considerably less.

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