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Fuck that nigger. Fuck CBS. Bring it mother fuckers. I'm ready.

Edit: Notice the backhanded attack on the 'yellow vests'? So jew controlled american media is pumping propaganda to support the jew agenda in europe? Never miss an opportunity to lie and distort things, that's the jew way. Very telling.

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I'll be right beside you. Cause I'm ready too. This nigger is dead. May it be 2 years or ten. He's dead and many more. No Taxation without representation. No invasions. No more replacement and No (((fiat globalist banks)))! SEIG FUCKING HEIL !!!!!!

Everyone else it's time to find your soul. Where do you stand?

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You have my sword. Oh boy!! My 300 is ready to whisper!!

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All Leftist Statists must hang.

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And leftist anarchists? It's not a statist problem

[–] sinclair 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago 

Yes. Commies are also Statists. They want to control what people think. That's a Statist.

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They posted this shit on their twitter as well.

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Already nuked apparently, must've been nicely obvious propoganda

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was a sheet with "code words" and the top left three were "ASSASSINATE PRESIDENT TRUMP"

dead serious.

here's a screen grab.

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I am hoping this isn't one of those scenarios they talk about, where the elite have to sneak in their plans/intentions/plots as part of some necessary ritual before they are enacted. We've all seen too many of those conspiracy videos that show how the popular media anticipated certain events with cryptic insertions like this.

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Predictive programming.

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haha thanks intelligent black man that totally came up with that script your self (and totally not the jews that control hollywood).. I love the scenes that are supposed to show how evil and wild those damn white nazis are, destroying every thing for no reason, because that totally happens right?.. I will be sure to punch all of those white social nationalists straight in the face unprovoked like you said, even if they are just standing on the corner drinking their morning coffee waiting for a taxi to take to their job that they diligently work at 40 hours per week.. I mean white nationalists are the MOST TOP #1 terrorist threat right? At least that is what the (((media))) keeps telling me.. Man think of how much our crime rate would go down if we could get rid of those damn whites and just have blacks every where in the whole country.....I would love to see the great crime rates in that kind of world.. Hey maybe we will get to see that world sooner than you guys think.. honk honk

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This was CBS?

Years ago I never imagined I would be sympathetic to the Nazis.

You either believe in free speech or you don't, you don't get to justify violence because you're losing the argument.

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Fuck these ungrateful cunts to high hell, Ive had enough of their me me me mine mine mine attitude its basically give them everything and get kicked in the guts or they'll just take everything and kick you in the guts.

You couldn't build so much as the wheel over a millennia and you got a free ticket into civilization and all you had to do was pick some cotton, boo fucking hoo, you didn't have to fight and die to build nations, you didn't even have a concept of a nation, only tribes and they just fought amongst themselves for petty things. You don't know how to believe in something enough to really fight for it.

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Projecting so fucking hard. Those (((white people))) are acting exactly like the niggers in Ferguson did after Brown went and "got goodified."

Yet, outside of (((Hollywood))), you never see actual white people acting like that. Niggers? All the fucking time. But not whites.

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I hereby proclaim that all CBS employees are NAZIs.

So let it be known.

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