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Opening statement:

The mainstream media constantly tells us how hard life is for migrants and their descendants.

Stay in your own fucking country.

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"Stay in your own fucking country"

This isn't something we haven't heard before and it isn't particularly sophisticated.

But for some reason words like that just ring like music in my ears... Upvote em' every time.

Brown people logic:

Let me run from my country because people like me messed it up. Avoid taking any responsibility in bettering my own home. Take a bunch of things from my compassionate White hosts. Then isolate myself from and even disrespect said hosts, particularly the ones I've taken the most from. And then if I'm really stupid I'll start calling racist while doubling down on the dysfunction.

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Avoid taking any responsibility in bettering my own home.

They don't have the IQ to pull this off. They are desperately trying to survive in a world that has evolved past their capabilities to adapt. Desperate; they are trying to live off of their "White hosts" (as you stated). Unfortunately for them, Universe is as cruel as it is ruthless. Regardless of where they go and how many offspring they procreate, these races will not survive the chaotic era mankind has now entered. This includes the jews.

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One answer. Massacre.

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The correct answer to this is simply "who cares".

If you decide to leave your country, your traditions, your values, your people to go living elsewhere you have to take into consideration that you are, and will always be, among strangers. Among people with very different values from your own. Among people that will always consider you a stranger and chances are that your kids will also feel like strangers even when among their friends.

So, do you want to move anyways? That's your choice and you have only yourself to blame. So, who cares if now you have it hard? You had a choice, blame yourself.

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The Media already lies and tries to say that Blacks no what it is like to be a minority so they would never make anybody feel out of place. Niggers are worse than any White person in the entire History yet the Jew ran Hollywierd loves to make all whites to be awful people

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Whites have done nothing but break our backs across the west to ensure these animals had a shot and look how they repay us.

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Goat, I been saying it for years now, Niggers want to bring up slavery but never speak of who freed them, Never speak of who gave them the right to vote (Niggers think they gave themselves these rights) Who let them ride in front of the bus, who let them shop anywhere, they never speak about that only about slavery who whites had nothing to do with but they are to stupid to know it was the Kikes. Turn on the tv you see super rich Niggers like Lebrown James saying team owners are like Slave owners calling them old white men (They are Jews) He bashes all these companies but never says anything about Nike who pay nigger kids pennies per day to make shoes that cost 200 per pair. Nike gives that Nigger $$$ so he is a pos phony Nigger bitch. BTW I am waiting to see what he will have to sacrifice to get where he is, Maybe lose his Mom, or wife or a child or something he loves, That s how they always control you.

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"blacks" are actually subsaharan-african-cannibals who are various shades of grey... their religon is voodoo(eating people) and as a culture they produce zero commodities... what could be right?

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They've been fucking with the comments on that video hard... first comments had thousands of likes and then they disappeared. Views are manipulated. Hundreds if not thousands of people commenting on that video that you can't see. They are panicking. Keep up the fucking pressure goys.

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That's how you create context in support of the globo-homo agenda. Complete control. Alphabet (YouTube) is owned visa via Sergey-Brin, Russian Jew.

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I couldn't finish this. I'm about to crusade!

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Noob. Agit-prop shouldn't effect you so much. You sound like a concern troll.

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When you grew Jew, your heart dies^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

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This is a sad story but these stories are shit. Look, if you can't watch after your own kids better than that then natural selection will take its course. I see single moms all the time living off them government gibs and they could move anywhere in their state but they'll stay right where they are because they know everyone. That's where they know all the drug dealers.

If your kid is black and you don't move to an apartment in a nicer neighborhood when they're young or your kid is white and you surround him by people unlike him until he's bullied to death or his spirit is broken, I feel awful for the kid but I can't really blame anyone but the parent(s).

All these stories do is stir up racial strife, piss people off and it's always a ploy to get people to ask the government to pass laws, to turn to the "gawds" and ask them to pass regulations and laws to stop this kind of thing, as if there aren't way more than we need already. Government is what fucked everything up in the first place.