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It's ok to shoot a judge in the face in this instance.

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Why just the judge?

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Dollars to donuts a fat black gap toothed "woman".

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Texas at that. Too bad Woody Harrelsons dad isn't around anymore.

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illegal immigration has killed the state. The Federal government has fucked TX for decades.

Around 30% of the population are illegals. Around 36% of the state of Texas does not speak English at home.

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It's ok for a father to shoot someone trying to castrate his son... even if it's the mother

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If he was at the doctor saying get your hands off my sons dick and the doctor didnt stop it would be a clean shoot doc is committing a felony sexual assault plus battery. I wouldnt convict him.

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That is just evil.

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It would also be just even if they packed their bags and moved to Poland.

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Only half of all murders in the US are solved. Half of all murderers get away scot free

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Who's ready to roll those dice?!

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I've got a quarter ready to flip, just say when.

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the father would be an obvious suspect. A third party with no connection would probably get away with it.

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Also most murders are done by either low IQ blacks or hispanics, or unplanned crimes of passion. Image how low the solved calculated murder rate is.

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Probably higher since nigger and spic kills are just part of the parcel of living in a city and often are ignored.

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Factor in missing persons and fake suicides and accidents its wayyyyy less than half.

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Fuck this shit is getting insane and this will be setting precedent. It is over reach in Government over reach. This really pisses me off.

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tick tick eh bud? in Valhalla we will drink, that our Sons and Daughters live on in a world made for them.

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I've been told for the last couple decades by friends and family "Texas is awesome, you should come down..." there's much I would love about Texas, but the lack of income taxes just makes business and personal FEES for everything 10x or more higher than here. And realistically with all the immigration, foreign and domestic, Texas is more and more being run by Californian libtards. Why do you patriot Texans allow this?

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All the shitlibs are metastasizing out of commiefornia and coming to Texas and shitting it up with the exact same faggotry that made commiefornia unlivable.

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This is a huge probablem. Red western and Midwestern states need to ban sales or renting to Californian transplants. They don't have to live and learn from their mistakes; they just fuck a place up, move when it gets bad, then continue to vote for the same policies that ruined their previous home.

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Texas is really just an average state, which shouldn't be surprising given that it is where the Southwest, South, and Plains regions meet. It has a mix of urban, rural, suburban, etc... diversified industries (tech, oil, agriculture, etc...) so really nothing stands out about it, other than an interesting history and its large size.

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The "conservative" RepubliCucks who were elected to run Texas are too busy passing anti-boycott laws to protect Israel. No time to protect children from degenerates you know.

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Why do you patriot Texans allow this?

What can they do about it? The constitution enshrines the freedom to travel. The founding fathers never anticipated migration becoming a tool of political aggression.

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Not only that, but TX cant enforce immigration laws. It cannot deport illegals.

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Slut mothers try to destroy their sons.

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if arms aren't being taken up over this we have already lost

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"It's not muh kid" - mouth breathing public

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"NPC: Doesn't affect my life" - sends his children to public school anyway.

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