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Follow every word with "ah" or a quick breath to cover up the fact that your monkey brain doesn't work that fast.

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The best part is that even if you piece the words between stutters, it still makes no sense. I think this was her thesis statement.

1:28 da way da status-quo works is through whiteness allowing forcing other bodies to tell the narratives of whiteness the violence that does we say that is the link we'll go for

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Wow, here’s a trophy, nigger. Truly inspiring. Their competitors rhymed “up” with “up” during the rap which probably cost them a few points.

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"...Mup Da Doo Didda Po Mo Gub Bidda Be Dat Tum Muhfugen Bix Nood Cof Bin Dub Ho Muhfugga."

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Don't forget the arms spinning around like the flushing of a toilet.

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Justine Trudeau does the same thing. I think he came from their training camp.