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Follow every word with "ah" or a quick breath to cover up the fact that your monkey brain doesn't work that fast.

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The best part is that even if you piece the words between stutters, it still makes no sense. I think this was her thesis statement.

1:28 da way da status-quo works is through whiteness allowing forcing other bodies to tell the narratives of whiteness the violence that does we say that is the link we'll go for

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Wow, here’s a trophy, nigger. Truly inspiring. Their competitors rhymed “up” with “up” during the rap which probably cost them a few points.

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"...Mup Da Doo Didda Po Mo Gub Bidda Be Dat Tum Muhfugen Bix Nood Cof Bin Dub Ho Muhfugga."

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Don't forget the arms spinning around like the flushing of a toilet.

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Justine Trudeau does the same thing. I think he came from their training camp.

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This has to be satire? This cant be real. I dont want to spread this as real then find out its satire. But god damn the fact i can even have the doubts after watching 30 seconds wether this is real or not is as bad as if it was real. Im going with my gut i think this is a joke it is satire.... now i will dig deeper

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It's real. 100% real.

Spread it.

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Yo, it be real uh uh nigga. Whiteness of the bodies.

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Check CEDA debates... tis real.

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There are reaction videos explaining why they sound that way. The way they di it was more nuts than normal.

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Not only that, but the organizers later went on to defend this style of debate as intellectual.

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100 percent jews involved in someway

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Wtf is this shit? I was on the debate team in High School and if she was part of our team she would have been slaughtered by the opposition. They aren't even properly dressed. We were very well dressed for our debates. Think professional business attire.

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das rayciss

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I was also in CX debate and won state in highschool. Debated in college too. Wtf is this shit? I will have to find the whole debate and look because so far neither of those teams would have won shit back in my day.

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No, you would have lost to them. Why? Because the judges decided who would win before the event even started.

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They're niggers.

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The CEDA Debates I'm glad others post this type of stuff. I posted them on LL back in the day. HH

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Then, you're probably the reason I saw it. I couldn't even laugh at this. Its truly frightening.

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At least we're not speaking German.

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I submit to the traveling circus my eloquent rejoinder MUP DA DOO DIDDA PO MO GUB BIDDA BE DAT TUM MUHFUGEN BIX NOOD COF BIN DUB HO MUHFUGGA.

Load up my modern educayshun trophy case with two Nobels and a Pulitzer, clown world.

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Needs more UHHs and NIGGUHs. It sounded like it needed a vine or some monkey bars to swing from while grunting. By the end of the video, I would not have been surprised if they started throwing fruit (or perhaps KFC is more apt) at each other for bonus points.

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I dispute that with, ooga booga, ooooga oga boooga. Booga ooga? Ogga booga.

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By the brilliance of your argument and the majesty of your oration have I been bested, and so I concede to you this championship. Enjoy this Oscar for your indomitable performance and that Rhodes Scholarship to study free at Oxford. Ooga booga nigga Africa, good sir.

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Yeah, not only is he not right but he's not even wrong.

It's just a big babbling brook of mad-libbed ooga booga.

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The same debate from 1997. Standards have fallen.


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