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Millions saved in court costs.

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court costs and feeding, housing, clothing, etc...

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Toll paid.

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https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=0fZCnVRWZic :

Dashcam Shows Fatal Shooting After Intense Police Chase in West Memphis, Arkansas - YouTube

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Relevant info:

A grand jury decided no charges will be filed on six West Memphis, Arkansas police officers in connection with a chase and shooting that killed two people. The police department says the six officers involved remain on paid administrative leave. West Memphis police held a press conference Friday morning. The department is still conducting its own investigation into the actions of the officers involved.

The police chief described the events of January 16 as violent. The department said this all started as traffic because the car in question had its high beams on and no license plate. When the officer turned on the squad car’s lights, a chase began. The department said officers used different tactics to stop the vehicle, from a tire deflation device to boxing the vehicle in. Police said the driver rammed several police cars before running over an officer. That when officers opened fire on the vehicle, killing the driver, 22-year-old Megan Rivera, and her passenger, 30-year-old De'Angelo Brown.

According to investigators, the vehicle the pair were in was stolen from a 72-year-old out of South Carolina. Following the shooting, investigators say they found one firearm and cocaine. West Memphis Police say the department will wrap up its own investigation sometime next week.

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Quick guys let's all jump in front of a moving car so we have and excuse to empty our mags into the car!

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my thoughts. that was a careless act, probably all dizzy from the sirens and flashing lights. they should have properly disabled the vehicle first, before approaching the car with the reckless driver. at least shoot the engine and tires, it could be a hostage inside the car, but hey, thats what they do, escalate the situation and then fire way. they probably didnt have the time or the nerve to go on a second chase with the same criminal. seems relatively un-professional, but at the end of the day, its one nigger less, it could have done more damage than just take out the cops legs.

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Those cop cars just kept spawning in like a police chase in gta5

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Hard to beat the radio

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it appears that there were several times when the perusing units had the opportunity to box in /
coral the perps. But then, play stupid games, win stupid prizes.
I guess the woman driving the car wasn't all that smart, on many counts, to begin with.
I'm wondering how many of the total units on duty at the time were involved in this cluster
fuck. It would seem that this was a justified use of deadly force.
Nothing of value lost.
Righteous shoot.....
This time......

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She runs over one of the cops, they waited way too long to defend themselves and stop this fucktard. Pretty fucked up, second video this week that i wish i hadnt watched.

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This is one of the instances where I think the use of a LAW rocket would have been completely justified
way before the officer was run over.
Nothing of value lost.
Hope the officer wasn't injured too seriously.

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Absolutely. Cocaine and an illegal gun were found in the vehicle.

So here's probably what happened- nigger meets young, naive mudshark (fatherless) and runs his "game" on her. Months later, he has her addicted to cocaine.

The night of this incident, they realized they owed a lot of money to certain dealers. So they stole a 72 year old woman's car, took the license plate off, turned on the highbeams, and started driving to a chop shop or w/e addicts do with stolen cars. Unfortunately for the felons, they were unaware that "driving without a license plate and with highbeams on constantly will get you pulled over", and the chase began.

I'd pay a lot of money to see a transcription of the female driver's internal dialogue during this entire chase. Hell, I'd be happy just to hear the audio from inside the stolen car. I want to know what the mudshark and nigger were saying to each other this whole chase. In the few moments you can see the nigger clearly, he has this dumb look on his face like "I don't wanna be here, dis bitch be crazy, muh dick". Makes it look like the flight attempt was the female's idea, which is hard to believe.

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Remember, a firearm does not have a mind of it's own. It's just a tool.
The person(s) in position of the tool, in this case a firearm, is in control of how it is used.
These two POS's played stupid games, and then won stupid prizes.
I'm not sure that either one of them had a single functioning brain cell between them.
Any transcription of the conversations / internal dialogues of these two lower life forms
would probably consist of nothing but a lot of "Oh Fuck!!" spread out over the totality of
this video.
Still, if set to the right music, it'd probably be worth a chuckle or two.

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Yeah, I think she was trying to act all bad ass gangsta to impress him. He probably was ok with it up until the end when they had their guns out, because she could take the fall for everything in his mind. I am totally fine with her dying, and like other have said I wish the cops weren't so retrained and shot before the one cop got crippled for life.

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Not for very long. He died shortly after. Both the driver and the passenger are dead.

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Good. I wonder if there was any point they regretted their actions. "Fuck.. Im dying. WHat did I do??"

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