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This is completely new to me. I cannot fathom the amount of information I would need to consume in order to understand this topic.

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It's simple and complex simultaneously.

There's a group of people who thrive on chaos, on broken glass, on blood in the streets. They know that peaceful and productive nations made of happy families don't go to war, but debt burdened broken homes will fight in ethnic conflict.

Most of the world earns their living by hand. They work, earn, consume, and save the rest. Some of the world make debt, consume, and enslave the rest.

The people who thrive on chaos and destruction are the ones in power. Power is freely given to them when the public lose control of their lives. People take control by forming stable families and working honest jobs from near home. This is a stagnate and peaceful way of life. Power seeks to domesticste humans toward productive ends. For every push in productivity, a hero emerges to liberate the people with an took of efficiency.

Look, we invested the engine! We don't have to spend all day farming. We can be with our families and make babies and celebrate!

But over years, decades, and generations, powerful people learned how you think. They dominate the airways and public spaces with their attempts to persuade you. Buy our perfume to smell younger to attract a man to raise a family! Buy our car to look rich to attract a woman to raise a family.

Slowly, the objects took on ends in themselves. And the people felt empty. And so they killed themselves and stopped making babies.