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I could watch that all day

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He reloads like 10 times..

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Originally live-streamed on Facebook.

So is Facebook going to be de-platformed because of this?

LOL not a chance. No one will even suggest that.

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From his manifesto:

*Did you carry out the attack for fame? No, carrying out an attack for fame would be laughable.After all who can remember the name of the attackers in the September 11 attack in New York? How about the attack on the pentagon? *

This guy has no clue who was really behind the 9/11 attack and who is really behind the Muslim invasion of white societies.



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Controlled op false flag?

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Maybe. But I don't see any evidence of that yet.

Just looks like a guy who never really figured out who was behind the movement to demographically replace white majority countries.

So he stupidly puts down Candice Owens as his biggest influence. Candice Owens, a spokesperson for TP USA, which is a right wing, Zionist controlled political influence group. He's biggest influence is a spokesperson for the Israel Lobby.

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I'm kind of paranoid to watch it or download. I feel like I'll get some letter from the government or my ISP. This a pretty safe thing to download?

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Ever heard of a VPN retard?

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I'd fucking laugh so hard if I got a visit from the government for watching a video.

I'd chew them out so fucking hard for not only invading my privacy but for bothering me for watching a video.

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probably but who fucking cares I welcome being watched because I simply watched reality and yet I have nothing to hide, are you ruled by New Zealands legal system? if not then it is Not your Law !! btw the government also forced you to watch a dead baby on a beach for 6 months and watch people burning and smashing themselves into the ground on 911 ... btw Bitchute are a bunch of jihad jew faggots today! Liveleak is also Sharia communist

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Where is the cell phone video showing the other shooter standing outside as Tarrant moves in. I know I saw it!

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How many videos of shootings were there? I heard there was two shootings, 1 killing 30 people, the other 10 people, how many did this guy film?

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Good shit. I knew torrent would eventually be the only place to get it.

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I seen it on the normal web but it looks like its getting shut down, the mass murdering freak he done all his rants on Jewtube and Facebook ... do they blame Facebook ?? do they want facebook shut down and banned?? no blame someone else ... but facebook ??... Not in a Gorillion 6 million years!! reddit btw banned another shit ton of subs this morning

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First time watching! Thanks OP! Couldn’t find it anywhere...

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its banned from 99.9999% of the internet

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Yep. It was up for a while but gone now. Managed to send it to a few people in the process though...