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Be aware, that video was made before the refugee crisis. All of those numbers are if the refugee crisis didn't happen, so they are completely inaccurate.

It is drastically worse.

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Yeah literally posted 10 years ago.

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The turd in facebook with open acess sure was quick, they must have a team just to watch out for bad goys.

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I can not watch one vid, most of the interwebs is a 404 error for me this morning WTF. Everything slow as a snail, bitchute vid down, liveleak offline. I always criticized islam its a grabage religion full of terror, rape , jihadi, all there inside the shit book the Quran or Koran. Assume you are watched because you are. However this moron probably mostly killed innocent people. In the long term this usually turns out worse for everyone, less rights, less freedoms etc The spin politik? Saudi and Qatar and Gulf States who funded ISIS take ZERO refugees? Another thing media won't tell, I hear there could be more than one shooter. and I see a media trend on twitter we are supposed to blame Candace Owens, PewdiePie for the attack, WTF timeline is this?

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Shooter said "subscribe to PewDiePie" before he drove to the mosque. LOL

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These fucking muzzrats are gloating about our decline. I hope they all suffered.

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"It's fine, whites will still exist, just as a minority"

^Person who doesn't know how minorities are treated in non-white countries that aren't japan

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I don't know how else to get it on bitchute and invideo.

Alternative link : https://www14.zippyshare.com/v/E71cdeNb/file.html

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Jews via feminists

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