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Paul Jewseph Watson is controlled op. Why are you dumb faggots still posting his garbage? Ignore all blackpill content, ignore all cucked content. We are fighting a cold war, that means morale is important and defeatism must be uprooted.

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If I were a leftist liberal shill, I would label everyone who disputed the agenda of the left as "controlled opposition" in an effort to poison them in the eyes of conservatives and nationalists.

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It's a very effective tactic. I would say 60% of the time there ARE links proving the kikery though.

Tommy Robinson for example. I believe the movement is more important then the (((man.))) All the evidence suggests that he's an enemy of the state for trying to fight against the invasion of his country. Kike or not, he has done more for his country than arguably anyone else.

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HAHAHA. So calling out a shill makes me a shill? Great logic my man. That's like when libshits try to say that anti-homosexuality is an indicator of repressed homosexuality. I post these comments because voaters should know better. It's not surprising to see (((PJW))) on alt-lite platforms where people have plateaued out or are only beginning the redpill, but to see it here is proof that the retards are driving the shortbus. These kinds of pseudo-rightwinger YouTubers only every repeat the same thing over and over. It's infotainment for fairweather conservatives who just want to stew in defeatism. Shouldn't be on Voat.

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He never names (((them))) and he is connected to proven Zionist shills. What more evidence do you need?. He is shill until he names them. He should be ignored until then.

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Shills always try to control information and say what people should and shouldn't read, watch, or listen to even when acting as an inside agent. Ocelot may actually be correct, but I think calling people controlled op causes more harm than good. People can and should make up their minds themselves.

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I dont think he´s controlled op like AJ, i think he was just riding the youtube train and making the life as freelancer. Its good lifestyle, look at (((Lauren Simonsen))) travelling around doing nothing, its white people paying for that.

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I think we can at least agree that Lauren "the Mudshark" Simonsen is far worse than he is.

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If he continues NOT naming the jew as the ones behind this it means 2 things. 1. He left Infowars to black pill people because AJ has lost "credibility" (to whatever extent people thought he had any) 2. PJW is, and always has been, a crypto-jew.

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This is pretty much how I feel too. I’m now in my mid 40s and I’m absolutely terrified of what life is going to be like when I’m in my mid-60s. I’ve increased my retirement savings, I’ve learned how to can and preserve food for long-term storage, I’ve learned how to use solar power to power smaller appliances… When I’m 65 I should have a couple hundred thousand dollars in retirement savings. I’m going to buy a few acres in West Virginia and a brand new trailer. I will farm and live off the grid. And I will be well armed.

We have a presidential candidate who’s honestly speaking about reparations to Niggers. Think about that for a second fellow goats.… If we have a lunatic proposing this as a presidential candidate today… Imagine how fucking ridiculous it’s going to be in 30 years… Time to start buying guns and storing food today.If that ever passes the police had better bring body bags because I’m not giving Niggers a dime.

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Savings? In a bank?


Dude, you're doing it wrong.

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No it’s not in a bank, it’s in a mutual fund that’s invested in roughly 2000 different companies. The country will not collapse in the next 25 years. However in the next hundred years it very likely will. Besides saving money in a bank account is retarded. Because it gains no interest. And once it exceeds $250,000 the FDIC will not ensure any losses. That’s dumb. I understand where you’re coming from, But Learn a little bit more about mutual funds Roth IRA accounts and the stock market before shooting your mouth off.

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Where we are going the only thing you will be able to depend on is Yahshua

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What is the deal with all the hebrew speakers?

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Im gonna give a very contraversial opinion, save some but dont too much, use it, you´re not gonna live to 65, people die often sooner, enjoy the life, take all that money to Cuba or some shit and live like a king, do the things you always wanted to.

[–] Rotteuxx 1 points 2 points (+3|-1) ago 

Make sure your retirement savings aren't in digital money. Golg, silver, platinum, or anything else that can be bartered & physically in your possession.

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Hell, by the time I’m 60 I will have a warehouse full of food and water and I’ll also have guns, if things get as bad as I think they are that will be my material to barter with.

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The way currency works, there has to be enough of it in circulation that everyone can have purchasing power. Otherwise the people without will not buy into your currency. It's not the money that's valuable, it's the things it can buy that are valuable. If 1/10,000 people have a stash of Gold, good luck bartering with that when shit hits the fan. It would only work if a majority had Gold and there was a common valuation assigned to it. If there's no real market and just whatever someone thinks it might be worth or hopes it might be worth, the capitalists will snatch up the majority of the barter Gold within a decade.

When shit hits the fan the things that will be valuable are the things you want to be able to buy (with Gold). Food, clean water, shelter, heat, hot running water, guns & ammunition, any form of entertainment, skilled labor, replacement parts for vehicles and utilities, and the power of communication. No one is going to care about your shitty Gold when you show up on their doorstep with a handful of shekels.

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Blackpill is reality regardless if you want to swallow it or not.

Would take what, 100+ million deaths in this country alone to straighten out the mess?

Then youd need another 2, 3 billion deaths to sort it everywhere else.

Aint gonna happen. Not from the "good" guys anyway.

Plagues of God will do it sure, but this nation and this planet is not coming back.

[–] Black_Phillip 2 points 5 points (+7|-2) ago  (edited ago)

Or just take women’s rights away. Then you could take universal suffrage away from there, only net tax payers can vote. A lot less deaths would need to happen if you started with women’s rights though.

I agree with the other guy, it’s a numbers game. Why are Muslims left alone in Sweden? Why are Mormons left alone in the US? They have numbers and the government is scared. It’s only when there’s 100 of you in a building in Waco, Texas where they will come to kill you.

[–] 70times7 0 points 6 points (+6|-0) ago 

Thatd be one step for sure.

From a logistical standpoint, we'd have to deport 30+ million foreigners, arrest and execute tens of thousands of educators, bankers, scientists, clergy and politicians, reeducate in camps tens of millions of citizens, roll back thousands of laws, confiscate and redistribute hundreds of billions in assets, segregate and quarantine tens of millions of nonredeemables, and another great many things.

Zero chance that all went down without a fight.

So short of killing 100+ million americans, this country is damned.

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(((They))) pulled it off under Stalin with far worse odds.

Goal is just to band together. We don’t need all the numbers, we need to become a community again, the rest will sort itself out.

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We just have to survive it

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But they had a worldwide network of bankers with endless amounts of money, plus domination of the British, French and US empires.

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Our ancestors have endured worse, they survived ice ages, plagues, wars, famine. I'm sure some of them said this is too bad to survive, there's no hope. But they survived anyway, and so will we.

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Umm, but they had children.

Our ancestors had 3-7 children per woman. These days, we can't get our women to produce 1.6 children.

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Didnt say some people wont "survive". Said the nation and planet is doomed as a whole.

America is dead mate. Regardless of some groups hiding in the forests or small towns.

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Keep the blackpill at less than 1 hour per day, and take some green pill after.

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Nice try, fellow jew, but the goyim here at Voat know that Paul Joseph Watson works for us jews: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_UMKf3SgsC8

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Everything changes. Change comes in different forms. In order to create a new society the old one must pass away. The issue is not saving the current society—or returning to some mythical, mystical past society—but laying the foundation for the new society.

Being blackpilled isn't the issue as much as how you respond to the reality of the situation. Do you give up, rollover and die, or do you take advantage of the opportunity presented to you? We are now in a cyclone of unprecedented change. Those that survive, adapt, and flourish get to set the course not only for the new society, but also for human evolution.

What are YOU doing to prepare yourself?

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We definitely don't have to save anything, about our current society. But we do have to preserve out culture, heritage, history, values, our families.

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Dragons Teeth.


The more skills we can pass on to others, the better.

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I'm always entertained when a black pill "civilisation is doomed" video ends with a "please remember to like, subscribe, and hit the notification button."

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IKR? I noticed that too.

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Can you blame him?

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