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Murdoch Murdoch is beautiful

Murdoch Murdoch is based

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That was fucking funny

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this guy is in the 100s of views only?

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Tens to hundreds of thousands, through multiple mirrors and sites. Hard to track.

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Asha Logos

Very compelling video essays, 14 and JQ woke.


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A bunch of good stuff there Krogan's latest Vid is a masterpiece https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FSgeg3z0ewI&t=248s and people should make back-ups.

Good content:



https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HCEQ6kAN9DU - Marching to Zion; A protestant christian reveal of the jews, their lies and their enmity for christ, christians, and the gentile world.

The JQ in under 4 minutes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NNRwvar_QNA&bpctr=1552598358

A "celebration" of the jewish people: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ljMPafQpfDU basically as good as the american krogan video I listed above although it takes a softer more passive aggressive push to keep alternative hypothesis from being targeted and taken down.

https://thegreateststorynevertold.tv/ this should be required viewing, it's ~5 hours long so give it a whole day This is the story of Adolf Hitler, not the propaganda we are still fed to this day.

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TheGreatestStoryNeverTold is definitely required viewing if you call yourself a Goat. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-ooe2JtqvpUecpU8GaPP9g The Dennis Wise channel is solid and gets deep into naming names

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Do you have another link to the Krogan video? YouTube has removed the play button, can’t find it on bitchute. Same thing on the JQ in under 4 minutes.

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Paul Harrell is my favorite gun channel. It's like watching some 80s instructional video.

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I've been really proud of American krogan lately. Based gamer channel

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Interesting you mention Lindybeige. I like his channel. The only complaint is he has an insufferable British Inferiority Complex.

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You must mean superiority

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A Jewish man, fully 88. Very detailed short documentaries without any bullshit.


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I compiled mine into subs.

v/GeorgeLincolnRockwel - Not much for video, but audio speeches that outline how we can take our country back and why we see the lunacy we do.

v/DavidIrving - WWII Revisionism by British Historian David Irving, a politically non biased historian that wrote books on WWII strictly by using documents found in national archives, interviewing family members of Hitler's staff, and documenting their journals, diaries, notes, calendars, etc (after authenticating)

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OANN News network.

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Their trailer is top kek.

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Suspicious0bservers - if you want to understand whats really driving the climate cycles and geological events on this planet.

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He's good and has been around for a while. Also dutchsense for earth quake analysis

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Thanks for the suggestion, if you are into S0 you should checkout the thunderbolts project also. They can be a little more esoteric but explore the concepts in far greater detail, their coverage of the Safire project is also highly commendable. Genuine star in a lab based on electrical theory not fusion dogma.

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Mister Metokur - Finds the most bizarre leftist bullshit on the internet and exposes it for ridicule. Pretty sure he’s redpilled. Mostly streams now because it allows him to freely say words like Nigger and Faggot.

E;R - Entertainment industry commentary. He rips apart Jew propaganda, but does it with somewhat more obscure stuff like Steven Universe and Netflix Death Note. He hints at being red-pilled, but has brushed it off as just a joke when confronted on it. Take that however you want. Mauler is a similar channel but less red pilled and more about mainstream content.

ItsAGundam - One man war on Thots. Also talks about videogames. I think he’s some kind of non-white ethnicity though.

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pewdiepie got in major trouble for recommending e;r in a video

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If you see the references and information that e;r presents, it pretty much shows that there is no way he is not genuinely redpilled. Watch the ending of his Steven universe review for example

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