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Disruptive and disrespectful behavior. A weave. Brazen theft. Smartphone recording. Chaos, disorder. Chimp screeching. Taunting, celebratory dance to further humiliate the victim. An entertained audience observing nothing unusual. No one acts on behalf of victim.

Regardless the stage or props, the nigger will perform the same act.

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There is no need to waste taxpayer resources for chocolate people. What's the point?

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I'm practicing my euphemisms in case I need to use Dissenter ;)

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They should create a new rating for schools, dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate, and spiced mexican chocolate

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All I see is future astronauts, engineers, physicists, and presidents and someone that will clearly find the cure for cancer. 🤡 🌍

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god, why did i ever support these fucking gross animals, fucking cats have more value.

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Niggers expect white people to respect them when they act like apes in the jungle? No we won't respect you until you start respecting your own selves first. In closing I would like to say : "A nigger is a nigger and that's that!"

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How much tax money did it take to build that school, pay it's staff, and babysit those needs? And, for what, they don't even leave with the ability to speak proper English.

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Its retarded to think niggers will act like anything but niggers.

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