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It's been the Jew plan for generations to "diversify" white culture, so that Jews could more easily take control over it.

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Divide and conquer. It is not a new plan, you are right about that.

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It's not just divide, it's to fucking ruin it. Diversity assholes push other diversity assholes and you get a business ran like South African Blacks. There's a reason why Israel invites so many tech companies to their country. I think they want to take over the companies once the business side rots away in USA.

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Because only white countries are declared to be in need of diversity.

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What movement?

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European identitarianism

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My question is this. Can some one on the left point out one country that is non whitd that is encouraging white migration and inter breeding of their historic population with migrants out side their race? This is literqly not happening any where. And the weird thing is this? Wouldnt shit hole countries look at nice countries and say shit we need to import those people to make our country better??

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Pro-Diversity is Anti-Merit.

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This bitch is so hot... God what I would do to her.

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Embarrass her?

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You made me laugh so hard that I had to make another account I am going to ditch.

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Well said. Diversity is our stank.

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Invasion Americans.

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