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but look at all those shoppers!--that would make one happy merchant

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Yeah but they all live off of subsidies it makes no financial sense, it is a happy Marxist posing as a happy merchant.

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through the domestic taxation, to the immagrant, to the merchant: perfect sense for merchant (or bank loaning to him etc.)

edit: they are only "marxist" when it comes down to taxing/destroying the middle/working/white class (not themselves).

edit2: additionally, the native population tends to save money which does them no good (do the banks really even depend on it anymore as they used to survive completely from it?); on the other hand, everyone buys nececities every day--so take the money from the savers, give it to new brown diverse spenders and the doubly happy merchant wins comming and going.

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Ya if he’s a Jew

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are you retarded? or were you born 12 days ago?

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I could film the same thing easily where I live in the United States. It think it's time to find a new home.

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there is nowhere left. AMERICA was the new home. And the old home of Europe is gone to shit too. It is a Global epidemic.

we could always carve out a price of africa been done: failed

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Tens of thousands of us could form a group that sends hundreds of thousands of guns to South Africa and then we simply go down there and take the entire country, possibly others, for ourselves. Nobody in the world seems to have a problem with millions of shitskins invading white countries and pushing out whites, why not do the opposite? We simply get Russia on our side, whose going to stop us? If the people that live there don't like it, fine, they can move to the United States.

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Eastern Europa is still strong. Only western Atheist countries will be lost.

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Smaller rual towns are still an option but work it tricky unless you can work remote and travel. Still some states that this is the case.

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That is a very defeatist attitude.

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It's a super faggot attitude, probably JDIF or some shitty shill. I'd hate to think we have that kind of retardation running amuck here for reals.

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In less than a generation we could turn Africa into THE dominant continent of the world.

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At least beat out many if not most

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Not many stray cats in California, I bet.

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The Canadian one is worst, it's nothing but muslims there in mapleland.

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Don't be daft. In every way to measure it, the USA has magnitudes more muslims and niggers.

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Just there last night. I was the minority. Guess my race. Dying in CA!

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Family and I went to Costco on a Saturday afternoon not long ago and, while waiting in line, I did a little survey of the surroundings.

The customers were overwhelmingly latino and asian. Most of the relatively few white people I saw were older folks, well past child-rearing age.

We'd already decided to find a new home long before that. All this did was confirm the decision for me (for the hundredth time).

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Globalism at work - cookie cutter communities, same design in every major city. Then mix up the populations.

You have to leave the cities.

They are death traps anyway.

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Death traps for them if done right. Conflict is coming. I can feel it in my bones.

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You are on the money. This is the issue that is missed when discussing race. The root problem with the importation of shitskins is the perpetual Global Market Ponzi Scheme. This is why Nationalism is attacked on both sides of the political spectrum in first world countries. The result is to profit off of cheap labor, votes, and consumerism by importing our "replacements".

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Q: "Where are all the white people?"

A: "At work."

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at work, so that these "people" can buy food.

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ROFL it's fucking true, I was an exterminator I would be working from 7am till 10pm going to apts full of these shitskins,they would all be home watching TV,playing on their game console well talking on their Obama phone ,well I'm digging through their dirty apts trying to kill rodents and bugs because they are filthy people. in the summer I would see them at the pools and beach.

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The Amish are the only North American group I can confidently say will still be 100% white in 4 generations, and there should be about 5 million of them at that point. Plus another 5m Huterites(less famous Amish) and I'm not so sure the Menonites will survive, but maybe a few million of them. It's also possible the broke Appalachian whites have a shitty enough life to keep anyone from immigrating.

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They'll eventually be hunted down and killed. Do you know how many died in India / Pakistan when they shifted the muslims around?

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How many whites died?Link?

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I used to think the hutterites were weird. They don't shun technology like the amish. They can have a cell phone but they can't have a tv. If they buy a vehicle, they take any trim off of it because they can't be driving around in a flashy vehicle. They'll also take the stereo out of it because they can't be listening to the devil's music.

I used to always think they were weird, but now I realise that they've been right all along.

But also, they don't vote or want any say in what happens outside of their colonies. Eventually they'll end up just like the whites in South Africa. Hell, we're all going to end up like the whites in South Africa if we don't smarten up.

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Hutterites are weird. Im pretty sure their genepool is getting a little shallow.

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I dont think the ammish are stupid enough to tolerate raping of their people by a different people.

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No. Mennonites seam to be too passive but maybe that's just their natural state and willing to tow the line. Ive heard conflicting things about what they did and who they supported.

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They have no fear. They gladly and openly stomp on everything we have, and they do so knowing we will never remove them.

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Global Ethnic Cleansing of Whites

The EU is trying to punish Hungary and Poland for not wanting their culture and people expunged from the face of the earth.

They have to be made to understand they have declared war against whites and they have to be dragged into a public square and forced to say it on public broadcasts that have to be hijacked to make it happen.

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What gets me is that all these other races will openly and proudly prefer their own, talk openly about racial/ethnic pride, but for whites to do the same in our own countries is forbidden.

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