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Key Points:

  • White conservatives consider Tree their property.

  • She is giving black people on the left the ammunition to fight these racist-ass people and their dog slaves.

  • Blacks on the left get to be themselves.

  • Every white person who supports Candace Owens is a racist.

  • Tree does not wear a weave: it's her natural hair.

  • Tree is Independent now.

  • All the fucking time white people are telling Tree she needs to be like Candace.

  • Tree is angry with white nationalists for trying to recruit her.

  • Blacks on the Republican plantation are not allowed to show the coconuts.

  • Candace Owens is a white girl with a tan.

  • On the Republican plantation, you're told to attack blacks the whites don't like.

  • Neo-Nazis are angry at Tree for retiring as a dominatrix - they want her to beat their asses.

  • Tree stopped wearing the MAGA hat when Kanye started.