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This is in England where free speech is not only allowed by law, it is largely frowned upon by a large number of citizens because, supposedly, it leads to all kinds of disrespectful things to say.

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The second defends the first. This can only happen in a "gun free zone". In an area where guns are available to the general population, you'll never see them push the limit like this because they don't want to die. It only happens where guns are scares or highly controlled.

"An armed society is a polite society."

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White and Black domesticated trash from the UK, by the way this is in London and being a (True) Londoner, London is Lost.

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oh, i know that. My relatives left London because of harassment from Muslim scum. Indigenous white brits tracing their ancestry back centuries.

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Good Lord. The average right winger in the world today is miles away from fascism, but the typical left winger is just steps away from being Lenin or Stalin.

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Which is why the world is in the shitty state it's in. The good guys lost the wars.

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I am absolutely dumbfounded by videos like this. They say they are against hate speech and fascism, while calling a man a Nazi and physically assaulting him and trying to remove him from a public street for simply holding up a sign promoting free speech.

Fuck trucks of peace, we need an a10 gun run. Just BRRRRRT them off the face of the Earth.

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Why are the police universaly wrong on every god damn subject? It is as if the police chiefs in every country take their fuckkng orders directly from (((whoever))) is pushing the agenda. It is real simple you stupid bitch cops when a person tries to take another persons property you intervien or you allow your citizens to carry firearms and defend them selves you fucking cucks.

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You have no idea how bad things really are. Next time you see a cop ask him about a comment on the "alleged" suicide rate of female officers in all of Europe.

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Female officers should be restricted to jobs like guarding and searching female suspects and prisoners and undercover and detective work.

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ahem... freemasonry

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Ya i try avoid that rabbit hole. But you are correct freemasonary is involved in some of the evil shit. But they are also thr ones who created this country basicaly.

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wow, what a surprise. worthless police stand by and do nothing.

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Typical fascist behavior on the part of the leftists. They always cover and hide their faces, cowardly little fucks that they are.

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The correct response is to begin spinning elbows.

Or be a pussy like this.

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nah, he won this encounter. he did nothing and they looked like retards.

this is death by a thousand cuts. Gradually, bit by bit, people will begin to realize that these left wingers are the dregs of society. The middle class will eventually turn on them.

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History shows the opposite for this kind of constitution.

Escalating conflict is inevitable. A street victory by one side is the only thing that pauses another side's policies.

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That's never how history works.

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He was too greatly outnumbered to have any chance of not being hospitalized. Also, he would have been arrested and thrown in jail for terrorism and fefe assault.

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They can't fight. He could have barrelled his way out if he knew what he was doing.

He already assumed the risk of jail when he went out there.

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