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It's kind of funny that Israel even takes part in Eurovision considering they're not a European nation.

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umm dude the European Union is Jewish.

Fuck anyone that is Pro-EU. You can be pan-European, but not Pro-EU.

Pro-EU'ers get hanged, and I'm not talking about the insta-death, neck snapping hanging, but the slow death one where there's hardly a drop at all and you suffocate to death.

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They're not on the continent of Europe was the point I was trying to make.

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Lmao work on the reading comprehension Svenn

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It's too bad all the images are Satanic. The words are saying one thing, the images something else. Unless, of course, the song is designed to glorify Satanism and evil.

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It is intended as some sort of protest to Israel, that is all I know. The alternative was to maybe boycott the song contest alltogether. The band members are apparently telling people not to watch the song contest—they are only going there (if they win) to protest Israel.

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Not typically into death/dark metal, but I actually enjoyed that.

Shame they won't be able to recreate the unveiling of the banners whilst yelling 'hate will preveil' on stage. That would be hilarious.

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That was not metal. That was aggrotech industrial, if anything.

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This isn't meant to offend Jews... This IS Jewish. Like heavy metal, this degenerate filth is filled with homosexual bsdm imagry and it's lyrics pro succumbing to mindless (((expressions))) of hate.

implying that of all things, faggots screaming in support of the destruction of civilization, offends jews

eurovision isn't thoroughly jewed PSYOP inflicted on the whole of Europe

The future they want for whites is precisely one of kicking cans in an apocalyptic the remnants of civilization. Rather than fighting or building back, they want whites unproductively moshing, or descending to the level of disgusting animals.

If you want whites destroyed, you'll invert their values, so that rather than promoting the traits that made them successful, they adopt the opposite, so that a frustrated children they cannot ever get their influence back.

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I believe the bandmembers are also telling people not to actually watch the show—this is apparently meant just for Israel.

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Your fallback position being how bandmembers argued that some shouldn't watch the show, when many millions of others will watch the show curiously misses the entire point. I also just argued that it in fact was pro-israeli... Are you subtly suggesting that that their pro-israeli message wasn't supposed to be read into by me, because that's precisely what I'm arguing.

it-it's not supposed to actually be watched goy. I'm only acting like i'm a homosexual degenerate. Forreal, Israel finds it offensive!!11

So such behavior that offends red-pilled traditionalists (and that jews constantly peddle), is simultaneously supposed to offend Israel? Interesting.

baste bandmembers are showing israel arent they!!11

Little that ends op on TV like 'Eurovision' isn't a total PSYOP.

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well, judging by the comments on Youtube it isn't working very well. Plenty of people just like it.

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From the same country that jailed the bankers instead of giving them bonuses and promotions. Go Iceland!

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I've seen far worse, less talented shit make a ton of money here in the Unites States. That exactly wasn't my favorite genre, but it wasn't terrible either. The visual was supposed to be a bit shocking, which they kind of pulled off.

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Who says whiyes don't have a culture

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