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Pardon me if I don't give a shit. You want burka? You want Sharia Law bullshit? Go back to the sandpit shithole where you came from

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if they dont like it thy can leave

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Or be forced out—one way or another.

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Arrest and deport the retarded inbred fucks if they're going to resist.

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They actually have an island where they deport the fuckers to.

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They do not assimilate. They only dominate. Islam is not compatible with western culture.

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Throwing Gays and degenerates off the roofs when.?

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Ban muslims.

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If we got rid of jews, there would be no muslim influx in western society. Anything else is just treating the symptoms, not the disease.

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When are those POS NOT outraged? Just asking! ANd also, if I am outraged, I do not break things, I do not drive a truck into an innocent crowd, I do not kill. Look: I am outraged by the demanding attitudes of mahometans. Yet I never ever killed one of those sickos bastards. Furthermore, YOU HAVE NO FUCKING RIGHT NOT TO BE FUCKING OFFENDED! So... FUCK YOU! (I noticed, since I arrived here, I am getting more feminine day by day, Hahahahaha!).

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"Heh heh heh. Let them quarrel amongst themselves as we drain their Nation's wealth"

Hooknose Tribe

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Don't like it. Get the fuck back to your hole. Backwoods low iq fucks.

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