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Sweden is in a world of shit. It's changed a lot over the past five years and even then it was bad. Was there last summer - holy fuck. Stockholm, Malmö, and Götenborg were in the shit. Helsingborg wasn't as bad but they're well on their way.

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It's really kind of amazing to watch isn't it

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Amazing and sad. I'm not even from Europe. I just love Scandinavia and travel there as often as possible, minimum once a year, and notice the obvious changes. Can't imagine what it's like for citizens of their respective countries. The last time I was in Helsingborg, I remember getting the feeling around dusk that locals were trying to get home as quickly as possible to avoid the africans and middle easterners who just loiter about. The only people littering, spitting, and being loud obnoxious assholes are the economic migrant shitbags. That goes for Copenhagen, Stockholm, Oslo, and Helsinki. What's disgusting is how hip hop culture has permeated into the fabric of society. You have pretty young women with shitty tattoos and those stupid fucking nose rings. Not to mention the gauges in the ears and metal shit pierced into their cheeks as dimples or whatever. I'm sure when I go back this summer I'll see some cute blonde with a metal fucking plate in her lip. Ridiculous. God bless Eastern Central Europe though. Whenever I am in Warsaw I see the same two black guys. Streets are tidy, women are skinny, and there's plenty of vodka.

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It's horrifying to watch. Within a decade or two, white Christian Europe commits collective racial suicide -- assisted suicide, assisted by the Jews.

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The OP seems tired of winning, we´re all winning wooo, more immigrants said Trump, no wall, no hillary investigation, things since trump is in charge actually got worse between races, Trump sucks israels cock, still sends israel billions, but we´re tired of winning !

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did she write this herself? it's not bad

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She's good with cut scenes

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this lady has her shit together. Like how she doesn't forget that most of this started with the female supremacists although it's gone way past that now.

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You are just a bit low on the red pills my dude. As your power level rises you will retain those kinds of facts better. Current events and the memory of events of interest over the years is a key habit to develop if you want to remain sane.

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Most of this started well before that. She seems to be slightly more redpilled than shoeonhead, much worse at presentation though.

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isn't that just the thing? Who can even tell how far back it goes? I doubt marx just got up with the whole mess in his head one day right? So was there a time 'before' that we can draw hope from? If there is has it already been destroyed forever by the insidious attraction of something for nothing planted in the public mind? More questions then answers.

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this lady has her shit together

And you need to stop speaking like a niggerfaggot

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what? lay some specifics on me or get lost bloodthighs

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I'm sending this to Barbra Spectre

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Two months. You've had this account for two months, and it's already one of my most upvoated ones.

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It's amazing he's in almost every thread and makes me chuckle with almost every comment he makes. Haha shaloms

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Every time

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That's not just any nog, but based nigger youtuber someblackguy. Sure she's throwing her genes down the toilet but at least she's /ourmudshark/


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Good find

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Made me take back my rare upgoat for a youtube video

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Lol this is well done, kudos to this woman

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