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The MSNBC bullshit now is talking about the Covington kids had no right to be protesting a right to life, even going so far as saying the right is using kids to push an agenda. Total dismissal of the black Israelis calling them incest babies, or the other left adults getting emotional to kids smirking. Totally ignoring the "march for our lives" millions of kids used by celebrities to disarm them.

When not talking about the shutdown you can't even watch the news without seeing them interview TSA and flight industry literally crying about "our jobs" forgetting the government isn't an employer. Your job is to serve the people, not cry to the people about their need to pay you forever. How many fucking scumbags at airports would ignore you to avoid doing their jobs or outright tell you 'that's not my job' when they cause you to miss a flight or outright make changes to the schedule?