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From the website:

© 2019 Egard Watch Company. Powered by Shopify

Shopify is a known anti-second amendment trashpile. If you want to support the company, do it at a physical location.

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I told you they were shit.

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Sauce please

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All the “men” in that commercial are niggers.... and a Mexican and an Israeli in the end. What the fuck

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Can't really blame them. Niggers buy more expensive useless shiny shit than whites, even if they're living with momma or on food stamps. The Mexican and The kike were wholly unnecessary though.

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Not to mention blacks are the ones they need to encourage to be better.

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At least they tried. More so than any of the other companies you hand your money to the jews at.

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all the white men already have jobs. Also all the footage of working men were whites.

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And the black shown when they say men are 79% of homicides. We know who commits most of those killings

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Why would you buy a product just because you like a commercial? If you liked a douche commercial would you run out and buy douche? How about maxipads? Buying shit because you like the company is a Pavlovian response.

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Because jew says i should.

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That's how marketing works, dumbass. Jesus Christ, and I thought I was a moron.

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Right, that is how marketing works on idiots. Non-idiots buy things they need/want because of the quality of the product. Not because of who their marketing panders to.

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Marketing doesn't work on me. If it works on you, you definitely are a moron. The fact that you called me a dumbass for seeing through jew marketing techniques confirms you're a moron.

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These types of commercials tell what the company stands for. Most people would rather give money to a company that doesn't use their profits to kill them

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I hate to tell you but companies care about profits and that's it. It's their sole reason for existing. Nobody at any company cares about you or me. Just like no politician cares about you or me. Ask yourself how much you care about random strangers and extrapolate that emotion to others.

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My wife's boyfriend bought us some because purple pads are woke. I'm really starting to like the guy too after watching his work. /s

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most of their watch is overpriced quartz garbage. $155 for a generic chinese case with mineral crystal and a japense quartz? Yeah, ok. Not to mention their "good" stuff is close to $1k for something with a cheap, low beat miyota automatic in them. I can get a watch with a sapphire crystal and a high beat miyota from china off aliexpress for under $100 if I want that sort of thing.

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Probably. Im not really buying one but if i needed a watch i would.

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Not even in house movements I assume. Zero horology

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well consider every watch is under $1k and most are like 200 bucks, I'd never under any circumstance expect an in house movement, but I would at least expect some high beat japanese movements or high end sea-gull movements at the very least, or ETA movements on the $500+ watches.

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CEO's tweet: https://twitter.com/EgardWatchCo/status/1085779938970488832

"my name is Ilan, CEO of Egard. The only reason I attached my company to this (i made this video alone) was because I wanted it to respond in the strongest way possible and the thing that matters to me is the company I built for my father."

Farther down the twitter thread:

"I was told it would ruin my brand... I spent my own money on it not my brands. I had a four hour fight with family and friends about how bad an idea this was but I put my brand behind it because I refuse to feel censored and believe in the message. That's it."

Business is apparently also booming now:


The positive response to our message has allowed us to start donating to charities! We will be donating $10,000 USD To the Bob Woodruff Foundation this week! We hope to continue making numerous donations year round. Thank you all for giving us an opportunity to give back.

Due to the unexpected overwhelming response we are back-ordered on many units. Please bear with us. We are accepting pre-orders as we are making new inventory. The response is beyond appreciated. Every order will be fulfilled. We want to be completely transparent about the wait.

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Thats great

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I wonder if Gillette planned this with other companies. Money to be made from all suckers.

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Too bad all of their watches are hideous.

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I went to their site. I'm not running all that shit. If any company wants to do business with me they'll have to let me remain as anonymous as possible.

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