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let the plagues begin

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Bugs rule this world, and have for hundreds of millions of years. We're only here because we are too unimportant for the bugs to notice us. After we are extinct as a species, the bugs will rule for another billion years.

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i'm thinking it's gonna be octopuses.

octopuses are wicked smart

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To see God and Nature lay waste to that cesspool would be quite a thing to witness. A plague upon them.

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Allahuakhbar Allahuakhbar Allahuakhbar. Innalillahi wainnaelihi raziun. ASTUGFIRUllAH LA hawla ola kuaata illallah billah Allahuakhbar. Oh ALLAH! Forgive all of us.

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I like all the "praise be to allah" crap in the comments section. Also I like how my browser is mad that I lower-cased "allah."

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https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=G4iP0fX_X1w :

'Plague' Of Insects Swarm Mecca/Makkah Saudi Arabia - YouTube

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