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A battle that transcends possibility.

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I'm out of the loop. What did happened between Black Rifle and Voat?

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they had lawyers send a frivolous trademark infringement complaint to voat because someone had BlackRifleCoffeeCo as a username.

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Well, those faggots should've got here sooner. @BlackRifleCoffeeCo You da man!

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i sense jew public relations teams

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That goat hits hard.

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Short Person (BRCC?) swings at Goat (Voat).

Goat butts Short Person knocking them over.

Adult (court?) steps in and separates them. Goat retreats.

Short Person picks up shoe and smacks Goat in the face.

Goat stays back.

Video ends.

Edit: Emotional down-votes. I get it, no different than the other thread. Go try creating a "Coca-Cola-Official" account on Twitter and make some of the same posts the account here was making. Hell, make any Tweets of substance for any sustained period of time and see what happens.

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The goat took it as the larger person threatening him for fighting back.

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Plot Twist: Midget goes away smaller then ever, goat is still awesome.

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I'm on the BRCC side.

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info@blackriflecoffee.com customerservice@blackriflecoffee.com coffeeclub@blackriflecoffee.com

Please contact us Black Rifle Coffee, would like to ask you some questions and see if you could help build the case

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I was a fan of BRCC but you guys are just being petty little bitches. ... Quit being such snowflakes.

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You have no idea what you just invited on yourself...