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How to get a felony in just one step! No really a gun malfunctioning and going full auto is a felony. https://www.wnd.com/2011/04/289181/

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The way they are talking about it being in semi I assume this is a select fire rifle, not a semi-auto rifle that malfunctioned to full auto.

Also the range operators appear to be State mercenaries with all the necessary paperwork to be allowed to properly defend themselves.

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While I agree, at one point he isnt holding the trigger and its still firing.

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when you lag and try to shoot then all the bullets come out at once

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I've had this happen. It wakes you up.

ATFman no likely.

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At least he did good pushing forward into it (after a spell) and keeping it pointed down range.

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Hows the kick with an AK vs an AR-15?

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Depends on the AK. They come in different calibers. Some kick just as little as an AR. But if you mean the original AK47, which there are not so many of(theres tons of copies though), then the AK47 kicks a shit ton more.

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