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Its called "content aware scaling". Its a very basic tool in most video editing software. Then a hue shift for the color. There is no AI in this clip I can guarantee you that.

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AI is a myth anyway.

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Agreed. It's all human scripting and coding that these so called Ai machines are running on. They are incapable of compiling and writing their own code. To my knowledge, no one has reasonably explained how to achieve it either.

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I can rehue a video and make someone's tongue stick out. It's a quirky trick that only art students know.

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Any other sources on this?

Pretty fucked up.

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Here is another: https://www.seattletimes.com/entertainment/tv/trump-tongue-trick-lands-seattle-tv-station-q13-fox-in-hot-water/ (from here)

From that article:

These forgeries, known as “deepfakes,” can be hard to spot.

I did a search before I posted the video, didn't see a goat posted that link a few hours earlier.

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Are fucking kidding me they aired that?

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Well it looks like someone shot that video from a camera pointed at a monitor, then held it steady. I don't know if that was done intentionally to deceive. I have studied a few deepfakes and I can notice many artifacts, so it could be an anon modified it or the source was modified. If anon did it, they did a good job at making it look like a legit airing.

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Turning faces of opponents orange is a communist tactic that used to be taught about in America's public schools. Orange is the worst color you can put on someone that is half way believable. The fact they are doing this to Trump only proves it is the same communists that destroyed Russia that are in charge of America's media now. If you did not click that video it is only 14 seconds and you really ought to. Surprisingly, CNN did not turn Trump orange (this is not just about Trump being turned orange, they put expressions on his face that made him look like a disgusting hick ogre.

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You cited this very strange fact with a video we've already seen and has nothing to do with the claim.

Then you linked to another thing that has nothing to do with anything your wrote.

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First, the video I posted was an mp4 hosted by catbox, the youtube link is the source (I am sure many people have seen it now, your comment came two days later BTW). I converted the youtube video to mp4 then uploaded to catbox to make it more Voat friendly.

Second, those words are not mine, I copied them from Jim Stone, and I put the link to his site in the word "ogre". You just have to scroll down his website to find the part that I quoted from. The way his server is configured I can't link directly to the "post" or "article" but I was trying to still give him credit as that is where I first heard about the video...

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That's not deepfake. They just reversed and played a couple seconds at the end of the clip to make it look like he wasn't saying anything for that long. Youtube poopers do it all the time...

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Why does the fox version have trumps mouth much larger than normal?

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Are you sure this isn't an out take that got color washed then aired?