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Great advice. Also, don't talk to government officials.

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Why is there always a link to a mirror in the comments? It's cool to have a mirror, I was just wondering how this got to be an automated priority?

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So Google can't track the videos you watched.

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"You should be thankful we don't beat you up for the confession, sure, we'll lock you up and wait for you to crack, while being paid even more the longer we keep you there, but our job is to develop a good case against you, so that they can prosecute you. Avoiding prosecuting innocent people is a personal preference. And don't you dare lie to me. If I tell the judge, what we'll do to you will be even worse. Of course I'll lie to you, duh! It's not like I will chain myself by the same rules. It's an "unleveled" playing field, and I like it like that. I will personally destroy the physical evidence of the interrogations, sorry, the interviews, in favour of easily falsifiable transcriptions and a hearsay from a guy who putatively was there. It would be nice to have the recordings I destroy myself, though. Once you are in trial, if we have managed to coerce or trick you into confessing, facts are irrelevant, because we have poisoned the well to the point that they wouldn't change anybody's mind. Screw innocent until proven guilty, you have the onus of proving your innocence. People are stupid. Intelligent criminals work in offices and wear suits, just like mine."

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It’s shut the fuck up friday ya bunch of autistic nigger faggots.

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The written confession technique is pretty tricksy.

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Q: Where were you on the night of the 3rd?

A: Lawyer

Q: Are these your contraband?

A: Lawyer

Repeat until lawyer appears

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