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Let's just liquidate all the public colleges accumulated wealth, use it to pay off the national debt and then encourage private trade schools as a means of career betterment. The average universities are just glorified indoctrination centers at this point. We should obviously still fund research and encourage academic pursuits, but the current system needs a complete reboot. Tenured professors and the peer-review review processes need to be held accountible by the people who are funding them.

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SURPRISE!!! Harry Joseph Holzer (born February 25, 1957) is an American economist, educator and public policy analyst. He grew up in a rural area near Atlantic City, New Jersey. His parents, Simon and Suzanne (née Wester), were Holocaust survivors from Poland. His father owned and operated a small chicken farm while his mother was a seamstress and operated a fabric shop. His only sister, Marilyn, is an occupational therapist in Jerusalem. He currently resides in Chevy Chase MD with his wife, Deborah, a clinical social worker and therapist. They have 3 daughters (Simone, Hannah and Leah, aged 25, 18 and 18). In the Clinton Administration, Holzer served as the Chief Economist for the U.S. Department of Labor.

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Spoiler alert... at 1:04 (((white old man))) reminds us that White people bad. POC’s good.

If I remember correctly, Stossel used to lean left in the early 90’s. I wonder what made him flip his views?

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I wonder what made him flip his views?


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