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Paris isn't Paris anymore...

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Fortunately Paris isn’t Paris without a war burning though it every couple of years so let’s keep our fingers crossed

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a city burning a day keeps the infiltrators away

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France is no longer France.

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Oh, but this is only the beginning. (((They))) want millions more niggers to come to enrich our european countries.

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Indeed, there are still buildings, electricity, running water, general order. It's not over until it looks like sub-Saharan Africa.

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and now total brown out for Canadistan across the pond!

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I wonder if there is a bio-weapon out there that only affects the melanin-rich....

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She would feel right at home in Vancouver....., sadly

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Chinese are 20% of Vancouver. She's Japanese.

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Chinese Japanese look at these dirty knees

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The French faggots brought this upon themselves, failed to act. This is nothing, it'll be a shitskin 3rd world mecca in a generation. On the bright side, the France of yesterday will always live on in paintings, pictures and old movies. (until such memorabilia is deemed racist)

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She better watch out, the kikes want to do the same to Japan.

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awesome... it will give reason for asians to join in the slaughter of the dirty-gypseys-jew...