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The Jews want us fighting each other, we must be like a scalpel and remove the tumor. Starting with all Jews placed in positions of power.

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https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=ruaCpRWHeXc :

The Nordic Resistance Movement--7 Nation Army - YouTube

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What happened to Newgaf in 2017-10-2(1/7)?

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It was the day NeoGaf burned itself to the ground.


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Too little, too late. Sweden is fucked, cucked, and sitting down to pee. How long until these guys get government mandated hormone therapy and sexual reassignment surgeries?

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Oh bullshit. These guys are nothing more than pussies when shove comes to push, that feel empowered by numbers. All that they litterarly do is march around and talk shit. 0 action while the antifags are still doing their thing.

Wake me up when they start engaging in brevik mode, until then they are clowns. I remember when i lived in Sweden. Never felt so unsafe walking down the streets while seeing gangs of 20-40 gangs of foreigners occpying public spaces. We in Norway want to build a wall with Sweden because it is already considered a country lost to globazis and marxists.

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Oh bullshit. These guys are nothing more than pussies when shove comes to push, that feel empowered by numbers. All that they litterarly do is march around and talk shit.

Demonstrations are less then 0,01% of all their organized activities. Either you know this and you're just shilling, or you're ill informed. I'd assume the latter since you think it's strictly a Swedish organization, when the facts are that they have branches in Norway, Finland and Denmark as well. Haakon Eihwaz Forwald (born 1978 in Røyken) is the leader of the Norwegian branch of the Nordic Resistance Movement

Wake me up when they start engaging in brevik mode

Ok never mind, you're actually retarded and a soyboy roleplayer.


Last but not least, what are you doing to save Norway that's so much better?

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Nice job trying to put words into my writing. Ommissions of irrelevant facts should never be perceived as a fact, dummy.

Anyone serious about right winged politics in all of scandinavia knows that these guys are nothing but a joke. Their “organized” activities are also seen as a joke. Ive seen these clowns “patrolling the streets” in both cars and otherwise, but people mainly laugh at them because it has close to 0 effect. Only thing they do is inconvenience regular people.

I have played poker on countless occasions where members of these groups have been present. They all seem to have the need to share their beliefs with me because i am ex military and am pretty skilled at getting people to open up. Based on their actions and beliefs, id have to say that a majority of them have a very low IQ. They are retarded and few of them actually have the balls to back up what they say with actions. All they do is talk, then shrink away when confronted.

As for your last point, none of your goddamn business. As if im gonna share shit to a bunch of pewdiefag supporters on a columbian website. Again, anyone serious knows that you do not share shit online, period. Nor do they publicly walk around in parades like this.. The serious people are the ones busy positioning themselves.

EDIT: OH! One thing that i will say that i have done for Norway that is SO MUCH BETTER is the fact that i voted for FRP. Something which helped prevent my country from becoming a shithole like Sweden. In a country of roughly around 5 mil, every vote counts ;) and this was during a time when “refugees” were flooding into Europe and us FRP supporters were all labled as “nazis”.

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Lots of petty criminals on their lines too. People here in Finland see them as a right wing antifa, same kind of retard with just different coloured armband. Good example of them doing nothing is "patrolling" streets when they should be on government buildings with banderolls, but you can get in real trouble with that so it's a no go. Popular opinion here is against immigration, but we can still recognize con men when we see them.

From nordic countries Norway is probably in best situation when dealing with globalism with Iceland as a good second after they dealt brilliantly with their banking crisis. Finland hasn't drank the immigration cool aid completely but current politicians are doing their best to sell everything to global corporations, Denmark is slowly waking up and sadly Sweden appears to be completely wasted.

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I would have preferred a voice over explaining their views and how they have been organizing rather than music.

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Video unavailable. The jews are at it again.

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