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I'll give her credit... she grabbed that gun really quickly and got it out of her face.

[–] midnightblue1335 [S] 6 points 23 points (+29|-6) ago 

She did a good job of controlling the weapon- but instead of drawing her own weapon, she played patty-cake with the tweaker while trying to use her radio.

As far as I understand it, a lot of police protocol emphasizes "radio first, everything else second"- I can see the practicality in this for a lot of circumstances. For example, if this female officer was alone, she'd have been shot, possibly killed (the suspect already killed an old man)- if she had went for her gun and got killed instead of her radio, information would be incomplete...

But with a backup officer on-scene, the primary officer who is engaged with a suspect should be focused on two things- controlling the suspect's weapon, and ending the fight as soon as possible. In this case, that would mean "control his gun long enough for you to draw yours and put shots into him". What we saw was "control his gun, scream like a 3 year old for daddy, pray that daddy makes it in time to save your ass." This is not how warriors should operate.

And like it or not, police are domestic warriors who fight a war 24/7. They should conduct and be treated as such.

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Well don't get me wrong, she has no business being a cop.

Then again, women have no business doing anything but staying home and raising kids.

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Your analysis is caca. These are cops that we need to come back to work tomorrow, not die as warriors. She got to go home after a gun was pointed in her face at point blank, that is a win. She grabbed the gun with both hands, but couldn't get it away from him- if she releases to grab her weapon the driver shoots her. She knew she had backup and that squealing was effective in summoning a bullet to the head of the criminal.

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She did not train enough. You train until your body reacts without thinking.

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If that guy had half a brain he would have shot her through the door.

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Well the story did say he had drugs in his system. Maybe he was looped out. Or not too bright to begin with.

Either way, this was a good end. Capital punishment for a murderer without even a trial. Bonus.

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The remaining half got blown out the other side window. ;)

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Makes for a harder getaway if you have a bullethole in the side of your door you are a lot more noticeable and suspicious. Either way I think he dies here.

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Yeah she got one gun out of her face but he had one in each hand. If this guy wanted her dead she'd of been dead end of story. That squealing probably isn't helping calm the situation either I'm honestly more impressed with this guys trigger control. Women shouldn't be cops.

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That gun, but not the other one.

He fired one shot, which struck Martell in the head, after he saw the man was armed with a handgun in each of his hands, Nerheim said.

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around wiggers, finger on trigger

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Add this to the pile of "reasons why women should not be allowed into combative roles". It's like she forgot she was armed and immediately started crying for the help of someone competent; AKA a man.

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Women in any kind of armed forces, and most leadership roles, are simply cosplaying for attention and profit.

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Best part is when you can see the tweakers mind expanding shortly before it goes out.

[–] midnightblue1335 [S] 2 points 7 points (+9|-2) ago 

Oh yeah, looks like he caught it near the mouth right? It's hard to tell but I'd wager he caught it just above the lip, the bullet might've struck his spinal cord. It was beautiful.

And can we take a moment to appreciate the wonderful sound of that single gunshot? Pop-crackow! Beautiful.

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friend of mine works as a security guard.

Massive big black guy causing trouble in the shitters.

He has to apprehend him.

His partner is...

...a dyke.

Now, I dont think I ve ever used the term dyke before.

But it is literraly a fat middle aged woman with a mad max haircut and skin KFC textured skin.

My friend got his ass kicked lol...

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Cops are a joke. You see how fat that "man" was?

[–] midnightblue1335 [S] 1 points 28 points (+29|-1) ago 

Both of them are embarrassingly out of shape.

But I was more embarrassed at how emotionally unfit the female officer was.

[–] elitch2 0 points 16 points (+16|-0) ago 

I can't get more embarrassed for modern women than I already am.

I am at peak vicarious shame.

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So lemme be sure what you’re pissing and moaning on about. Heroic LEO approaches partner / comrade in arms on foot running at sane speed in light of self preservation and level of exigency, takes one well aimed shot, hits shithead square in the nose whereby the JHP does its job, scumbag slumps down immediately, hostile neutralized, hero comforts comrade. Both go home at end of shift, world minus one piece of shit and your comments ridicule the hero. Bub, if assholes had assholes they no doubt sound like you. Some fun. Fek off twat.

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diet isn't exactly taught to the police, a tragedy

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Any time they try to implement even the most basic of physical standards, they get sued. There was a notorious morbidly obese piece of shit up in Nebraska that couldn't even stand up from a kneeling position during firearms requalification. He was fired, he sued, he won. His name is Chris Parent if you care to look it up.

A slightly less ridiculous example was in Colorado when all of the stronk, independent wahmen failed the physical test, so they sued and won. They even got a pay day out of it, which I'm sure they used at all-you-can-eat buffets. https://www.denverpost.com/2018/01/19/colorado-springs-female-police-officers-fitness-test-settlement/

I've never heard of a police academy that doesn't have physical fitness standards to graduate. It makes no sense to me that departments can't have recurring qualifications of physical fitness. It's a rather key factor in staying alive on the job.

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AntiFat fascism. You are clueless hay’na?

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You are not going to enjoy your time on Voat, son.

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Time to riot because of muh police brutality.

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White Lives Matter. Go to the ghetto and burn their shit down, including their weaves.

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He dindu nuffin

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Built like a pig... and squealed like one. 10/10

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Those are the fattest police I've ever seen.

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Suggest look into what the carpetbagger Yankee Governor did to white citizens of Georgia with black Union troops in antebellum south.

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is everybody high?

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yall brought the problem here...it works both ways

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AntiFat Facists - fek off.

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There are always plenty of cameras around when the cops are in the right! 3 different angles for a dark road in who knows where but not a single body cam released of the supposed "shootout" that took place at the Synagogue in PA. What a load of shit.

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VEGAS never forget

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To protect and REEEEEE

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