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This couple does good work.

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Apparently they never got big because they arent jew funded like many, they really are honest whites.

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300k subs isn’t small either

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I always found it weird that they are allowed to stay on Youtube, considering the things they have said about Jews. I'm not saying they are controlled opposition, but it is strange that certain Youtubers, like Red Ice, Brian Ruhe, Ryan Dawson, etc., are allowed to say anything they want, and they never get booted, but others like Jim Rizoli are constantly being harassed. I predict Red Ice will not be banned.

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I wish there was a viable alternative to YouTube, because I'd stop watching it immediately. But there is a whole bunch of stuff on YouTube that isn't anywhere else.

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When content creators get off the teet of google.

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A number of content creators have tried but, it wont happen because everytime a legit non-kiked competitor pops up they get defunded by payment processors.

"Just make your own X goy!"

You can't. The jews control most media and financing. Its next to impossible to create a competitor. Why do you think Vimeo or DailyMotion haven't tried to adopt the hard right market, there is obviously a large audience that wants it.

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Why is this still a problem in times of crypto?

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There is many a viable alternative like dailymotion, veoh, uploadstars.com, people go to youtube to connect to other NPC zombie bots and because they are Fucking Lazy !! there is bitchute .... there is a bitchute name here posting mirrors to most stuff on voat btw....also gab, vimeo, twitter, twatter? the hemp weedtube, real dot video or brighteon? or ancient sites like Metacafe, vidlii.com, liveleak, Zattoo, or new blogger type guys like Minds.com, Steemit.com and now http://www.bitview.net etc A shit ton of Chinese also plus European or Russian video host sites. If you have something important then stop complaining and just fucking move you dumb fucking pornhub reddit faggot https://voat.co/v/videos/2053472 or even better build your own site or server

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It's not realistic to expect people to spend all day every day searching for videos scattered across the internet.

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https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=2aFl8mY2CAw :

Why They Censor Us: YouTube Strike 2 - YouTube

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Why is it always the channels i select are censored? Red Ice is great.

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if only bitchute supported 720P and 60 FPS it would've easily wiped Jootube off the map

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Focuses on rape, that's not the crux of it. https://voat.co/v/news/2869564/15191838

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Stop doing business with youtube. It's not a difficult concept.

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