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Not talking to the police is harder than you think. They will use lies and psychology to get you talking. I had a pig tell me. "I want you to apologize to these men or I'm arresting you for assault". Haha, two men on my property, trespassing, and I'm the one to apologize. So not only dont talk to the police, be aware that they can lie and trick you . Officer dumb ass was told to leave my property and he didn't like that I was laughing at him either. Cops are nothing but paychecks collecting traitors; remember that during the revolution. Paycheck collecting traitors, shoot to kill.

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If you apologize, you are admitting guilt.

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And culpability in a lawsuit

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Except in Canada funny enough where they consider saying sorry to be cultural and instinctive and spontaneously saying sorry is not an acceptance of responsibility.

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That's what I tell people when they give testimony relating to proposed gun legislation.

Do not say "I'm sorry" about a mass shooting unless you were the shooter.

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Wouldn't be hard to prove coercion in this case

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In England they certainly are

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I once took a ride to Tri-County with the pig talking to me the whole time(45min). I said nothing.

Heh. I had also eaten about 5 grams of weed. Hey cops....suck my dick.

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You have to admit, this shit must work on a lot of dumb criminals, and like Planned Parenthood, if it works to get a lot of them behind bars, so much the better.

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Honestly the stupidity of people in this country. Why do people make deals with the DA empowering that filth. No deals , take every ticket , every charge to trial. If everyone did this there would be no war on drugs. Take it to trial, no deals with the D.A 0! Revolution bitches.

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Years ago I had long hair. A cop pulled me over, stuck his head in my truck, and said that he smelled marijuana. I got pissed and shouted at him "no you don't! I haven't smoked pot in years!". He took a step back Looked at me. And wrote me a ticket for having a tag light out! Feel safer now?

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I was also arrested, with long hair, when a cop pulled me over and began demanding to know where the weed was. I too hadn't smoked in maybe 9 months, a year, longer. Doesn't matter. What matters is that when he couldn't haul me in on a drug bust, he came up with some bullshit "evading capture" charge, so they could offer me a plea deal and drop it to something less serious. Still had a year of probation and about ten thousand in fees and fines. Fuck pigs.

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I saw a fucking cop today with a headlight out.

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Was your tag light out? If not, sue.

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It was. But who knows if he put it out?

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I make it a point to watch this video at least once every six months or so. Even a traffic stop can turn ugly if you don't keep your trap shut and Mr. Officer hasn't had his daily donut fix.

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I made this mistake after a single-person, non-injury accident (my truck spun out and hit the divider on the interstate). He cited me for "too fast for conditions" based on the guessed number I wrote on the report. I should have refused to complete it without an attorney.

The asshole added literal insult to injury, just to meet a fucking quota.

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This is what got Flynn in trouble, talking to the police.

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What made him think that was a good idea? In the cases where talking to the police is smart, rare, you should have a lawyer.

You don't even talk to the police with your lawyer present. You have your lawyer talk to them. Unless you are in custody you shouldn't even be present. You should call up your lawyer, say this is the investigator's number, and then hang up and go on with your life.

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I remember this video. He had an officer there to rebut what he said, then he just comes up and says "yeah everything he just said is true" lol

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If you're ever arrested and hear them say, "You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can be used against you in a court of law.", that should be enough to make you shut up. They're clearly saying that talking will not help. It will only make your lawyer's job more difficult.

If you're not being arrested, then you don't even have to identify yourself unless the cop has a "reasonable suspicion that you are engaged in illegal activity". You can determine this by asking if you are being detained or are you free to go. If the cop says you're free to go then just go. Say nothing more. If you are being detained, politely decline to answer any and all questions and keep asking if you are free to go.

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I've been arrested at least 10 times and have never heard my rights. The one time I brought it up, pig told me "You Watch Too Much TV". No fucking lie.

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It's true. They're not required to tell you them. The whole one phone call thing is a myth too. I was arrested once, didn't get told the Miranda rights, and there was a phone in the cell I could only call landlines collect with. No free call.

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The Miranda rights are read to you before interviews/interrogations, not for arrests.

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You should shut up before they give you your Miranda rights, because anything you've said up to that point, can and will be used against you.

[–] totes_magotes [S] 2 points 1 points (+3|-2) ago 

Wrong. You have to explicitly say that you do not give up your right to remain silent. Otherwise, you are implicitly giving up that right. It's already been ruled on in some court that way.

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Yep, Salinas v Texas (2013).

Genevevo Salinas of Houston had voluntarily gone to a police station when officers asked him to accompany them to talk about the murder of two men. Salinas answered most of the officers' questions, but simply remained silent when they asked him whether shotgun casings found at the scene of the murders would match his gun. He shifted his feet, and otherwise acted nervously,but did not say anything. Later, at his trial, prosecutors told jurors that his silence in the face of that question showed that he was guilty, that he knew that the shotgun used to kill the victims was his. Salinas' lawyer wanted the Supreme Court to rule that the simple fact of silence during police questioning, when an individual was not under arrest, could not be used against that person at a criminal trial

SCOTUS ruled a suspect's silence in response to a specific question posed during an interview with police when the suspect was not in custody and the suspect had been voluntarily answering other questions during that interview could be used against him in court where he did not explicitly invoke his Fifth Amendment right to silence in response to the specific question.


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What do you tell them when they say stuff like

"Do you know how fast were you going?"


"Do you know why I pulled you over today?"

Just "No?"


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Here's my license and registration, officer.

[–] con77 0 points 5 points (+5|-0) ago 

No sir

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But then you've admitted that you didn't know how fast you were going and they can make up whatever they want in their report. I don't know if that's how it works or not, but even "no" seems like it could be a bad response.

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"Do you know how fast were you going?"

You can always say "yes." and add nothing further. Or if you want to ramp it up, "Yes. What did you clock me at?"

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"I don't answer questions."

[–] VicariousJambi 1 points 0 points (+1|-1) ago 

Telling them you're not answering questions makes you look bad if that ever goes in front of a judge or jury.

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ive always found it amusing or even annoying that people areexpected to follow and obey the laws of the land yet never taught them , told that ignorance of the law is no excuse yet people that study the law are the ones who seek to manipulate the wording of laws to break it without penalty

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Ignorance of the law is no excuse... unless your the officer falsely accusing someone of a crime.

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