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I love braids on a woman. Sadly, they've been out of fashion / women have gotten too lazy to do them.

Now (((they))) are accidentally turning braids into a sign of resistance against the establishment and leftist madness. Young girls will start braiding their hair just to be rebellious. Thanks Jews.

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Are you in the USA? Because, while most grown women won’t wear braided pigtails, any young woman who takes care of herself wears braids. They’re all the rage- crown braids, French braids, fishtail braids, under braiding, over braiding... there are countless YouTube channels dedicated to braiding. Mormon women are especially fond of braiding, but most ‘fashionable’ women with long hair braid. I braid mine because it’s easy to do but better looking than a ponytail.

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Aren't cornrows technically braids though? Cause I see a lot of that, and I don't personally think they're the same.

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Yea, no nazi sympathizer is gauging their ears or putting nigger jewelry in/around their nose. But cops know how to follow orders and trust the system that pays them. They know their life without the force is worthless. Same kids that looked up to their fathers but didn't understand them, just obeyed.

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Fuck! One look with all that shit in her face. Whores actually think that bull ring looks good?

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That is such a masculine piercing I hate it on women. Its like a guy who gets his belly button pierced.

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Usually sluts get that piercing. I've thought it sends the signal that they're cattle.

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The correct answer when the police ask you about your political beliefs is, "It is my belief the the police should stay the fuck out of politics. Have a beautiful day officer. I'm leaving now."

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In Germany you don't have any rights.

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"that sounds like something a NAZI would say, off to jail with you"

Germany doesn't have any laws protecting freedom of speech or unreasonable detainment, I mean the USA is trying it's darnedest to get rid of its but it still has some semblance of them.

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Is your girlfriend "the one with all the shit in her face?"

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"Look, I know my coffee's good..."

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Ah geeez, one look at her face and I couldn't take her seriously. Also how the fuck does she apply lipstick or blow her nose? Is all the junk necessary on someone's face? UGH!

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https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=imQNS9ORQyc :

Braids on German girls is RIGHT WING EXTREME now - YouTube

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Facial decorating is warning klaxon for her head.

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