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I don't trust this guy.

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hes just dumb and watches a lot of cnn

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That position seems very reasonable and defensible until you realize the same Ideology that promotes the anti-white/anti-male agenda exterminated 100 million innocent people last century. It slaughtered the most productive and prosperous people from around the globe. It doesn't care about individuals or even groups of people. It cares about squashing freedom and competition.

The International Communism agenda does not care about any anti-anything. That is just one of the tactics from its vast tool box. It is pro-totalitarian.

The only response to such an overwhelming evil is to kill it. If humanity is unwilling to rise up against it, then as a penultimate resort we must exterminate the parts of the human species that refuse to hunt the totalitarian garbage.

If that doesn't work the very last resort is to exterminate all life, everywhere, so the enemy will have no where left to hide or infect.

The universe ordered hell to spew us out and drag the evil back to hell. It's likely to get messy.

We are Eumenides and hell sent us on a retrieval mission.

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That’s very interesting, have you tried DMT?

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I prefer to eat souls atop the pyramid. The taste of a black heart is exquisite!

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https://invidio.us/watch?v=94u1FiiAYDU :

Joe Rogan on Liberals Who Are Racist Against White People - YouTube

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The hooktube link, start @ 1:46

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Weaken the sleeping giant.

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