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They have fulfilled the white liberal's dream: they have become literal shitskins!

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I don't care what their message is, whether I agree with it or not, these faggots trespassing and trying to interfere with his livelihood should warrant at most one warning shot before you start killing them.

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One shot into the sky. "Get the fuck off my property." Aim. If they don't immediately start running for the street, start shooting.

Edit: Apparently this is in the UK? Now it makes sense why these freaks weren't shot.

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If only he had the horn from the General Lee

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Or a statue.

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I saw a video the other day of a french farmer doing something similar, he was spraying into a second floor window of a Guberment building. It was epic, I'll try to find it.

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Any luck with that video?

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Anti fracking protesters.

They're a crazy religious cult. They'll die thumping their version of a Bible and shreiking in tongues.

They should be segregated to some island where they can die of starvation.

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fracking is fucking retarded. who in their right mind would think that shattering your bedrock is a good idea? i mean i get global warming/climate change/the earths shape is chanign/etc stuff is absolut bullshit but its very easy to understand why shattering your bedrock is not a good idea

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It seems like you're really big and the earth is really small.

Water leaks into bedrock naturally exactly the way fracking does and creates saprolite which mixes with clay and other shit to create nitrogen. You know, the stuff life needs to exist.

It's not unlike the global warming people that don't realize they're less than the fart of a flea on a rhinoceros. Actually by comparison the flea fart would be monumental.

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https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=hgOtVe9AgX0 :

Farmer sprays poop all over hippie protestors trespassing on his land - YouTube

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