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Big important feminist.

She's only there because of her husband.

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was kinda funny watching that earlier today. the niggerfaggots and the murderous rapists were yukking it up for the few mins before President Trump arrived. soon as Trump started rolling in, a somber tone took over the foursome.


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Ha ha ha ha! Oh fuck that’s funny!

“Hello Michele, hello Barack, hello Bill....., fuck you bitch” ~ Trump

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She's not in prison yet. You had one job Trump.

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Two jobs.

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haha I bet that Israel-ball licking cunt Hillary is a miserable bitch to be around.

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individuals that feel it's appropriate to celebrate vicariously through perceived slights in the MSM rather than actual jail time

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This seems so cliche it's almost caricature. Maybe it's the serious red pill inside me but at some point it seems like she's over doing deliberately being this persona. Like Joe Biden plays the pedo clown on the world stage, Hillary plays the angry feminist, Bill the philandering ass, Obama the "successful" black, and Michelle the... I don't know... transsexual xhit. Their puppet masters have given them their marching orders and they're expected to perform on the stage for the masters entertainment.

That Drudge headline picture was so deliberate. "Look at the angry Hillary!" I hate the manipulation by these media outlets for clicks.

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But they're on the same team, right guys??? Trump is a shill and this is all BS right guys?

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