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You said it mate.

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Ive been pushing owen benjamin on here awhile. He will not name the jew and his grandmother was jewish which he admits and makes fun of.. he does not seem to be controlled oposition at all. Good guy who knows the underbelly of hollywood and calls it out. He is so close to naming the jew its not even funny and he knows the history.

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he has to be careful on naming people he is a public figure... if you watched thru he does in a subtle way. to keep himself safe

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His halloween video was frightening. He got death threats for that one. Fuck hollywoodland and their cults.

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He will not name the jew

He talks about Jews practically every show. He acknowledges Jewish control of financing, Hollywood, etc. What he won't do is place the blame solely on Jews, or on the Jewish people as a whole.

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Good point

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He's an alt-lite.

Doesn't always progress to the next stage. Most conservatives are stuck at that stage.

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Oh, trashed. Thanks for the info.

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I really like Owen Benjamin, I'll be incredibly disappointed if the Zionists successfully turn him into their shill.

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He's 1/4th Jewish but he was raised Catholic. I used to listen to his podcast about two years ago and every episode he was slowly becoming more right wing. It was pretty cringe to be honest, it was like listening to a child blowing his own mind when he realizes black people are not like white people. He's pretty much documented his entire red pilling through audio/video so there are a lot of embarrassing moments in his Why Didn't they Laugh podcast. I'm thinking about archiving it because he does mention in their that he's 1/4th Jew and if he starts learning about the JQ he'll probably try to bury that.

I really don't want Jews around but I can compromise with forced conversions.

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Owen Benjamin knows about the Jewish question he just doesn't know about how it relates to Zionism and globalism.

It seems like he knows bits and pieces from his personal experiences and learning from his fans but he doesn't have the whole story

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I can compromise with forced conversions.

Forced conversion or intentional deception?

In eastern europe, most mischlinges pose as goyim.

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It will not happen if it does be scared very scared. He has a fsmily so if thr jew went to the level of threatening hiz family he might cave. He did move into the country and buy guns he is aware of how fucked up things are. He kee0s getting deplatformed.

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its a really long one, but its worth the listen. He drops bombs

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People used to understand that sexualizing children, or prepubescent people, was a bad, corrupting, thing. Now, these attackers definitely understand this, but they've convinced a bunch of braindead idiots that it's respectful of a childs individuality to allow them to be sexualized, and preyed upon.

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I keep wondering what happened to the parents that they roll over for so much of this bullshit. When they took prayer out of the schools it started the collapse of societal norms. The rotting Ruth Ginsberg just got her wish, at least for Mexico who just lowered the age of consent to 12-years old. Does not matter if you are Christian or not, living by certain accepted standards of morality holds back the depravity that can easily rise up in humans when nothing is there to restrain it.

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Mexico did not lower the age of consent to 12 years old. Current Mexican law states that “copulation with a person under 15 years of age” is “equated to rape” and punishable by eight to 30 years in prison. The most recent version of the penal code is dated June 21, 2018. There has been no new legislation to change that.

Voat is so gullible sometimes...

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15 good enough.

But if you're american citizen, if you go to mexico to fuck a 15 yo you'll still be tried using American law.

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12? I hope this is an exaggerated figure..

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Have you seen some of the trans cartoons? Do people even know what their kids are watching? Trans tots? Trans kids? These are cartoon children dressing in drag. I am glad I am not raising children today.

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Wow, this guy is awesome!

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