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First thing he says is we should be spending MORE.

Jesus Christ the arrogance!

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$38 Billion? Surely we can spend a little bit more than $60 billion, can't we?

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Only $85 billion? Why are you being so stingy with your Greatest Ally(tm)?

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and we don't have our wall?

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I thought he said Israel can defend itself. So why does it needs more money? Oh yeah, cause Israel cant afford all those military toys. None of them. Not a single equipment.

Whats more, US involvement in middle east is purely to destroy israel enemies. So its just a rotation. Lebanon, syroa, iraq, jordan, egypt, iran, libya, yemen.

The only country dumb enough to go to war against all of them for Israel is US.

So buckle up. Next is iran, syria, turkey, egypt.

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They've stagnated because every country they used to steal tech from has either had its country bled dry and filled with niggers because of kikes, so that no new, useful tech can be sold to Israel (USA, France, UK), or those countries have created solid anti-spy apparatuses, so that the Jew has been left in the dark, and can no longer steal tech through spying (Iran, China, Russia). They need more money so they can hire mercenaries to destabilize the already locked down nations around them, because they're an extremely stupid people and can't create a lick of their own military hardware. GREAT JOB JEWS, YA JEWED YOURSELF! Enjoy the coming Hezbollah ass whooping!

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Many say 'their time is coming' and 'day of rope' and what not....I don't know how visceral and just how soon the shift will be, but I am absolutely sure the status of Israel (and thus the Jews) will be noticeably altered in the next 24-36 months. ....Even leftists hate Israel. I've met antifa-clowns who knew about Jews having been kicked out of every country on earth. The internet is waking the goyim. There's many videos about Zionism on YouTube, and they come out more frequently now.

Edit: A Jew asked me sincerely if 'civil war' was coming and specifically wanted me to tell him straight if Jews should be worried. I told him they should. It's like Sam Hyde said about isreal in 2070 "It's not my fault!"

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Posted this elsewhere, but...

I couldn't get past the part where he said "it's a good and decent country." Fucking spare me.

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Worst Human Rights violator in the world, Apartheid state, open-air concentration camp

Worst Human traffickers / Human organ traffickers in the world

Israel did 9/11

Israel did Communism and The Holodomor

Israel did Central banking aka The Fed which is a parasite on us all

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That's not even a reason to support something! A lot of beaners are genuinely nice Christian folk, but they're still racially inferior, smell like taco-deoderant, carry tuberculosis, and fuck our country up by bleeding it dry! What shit logic. Also, Israel isn't a good and decent country, so it's a moot point.

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Israel is one of these least moral countries on the earth right now. There's Muslim majority countries that aren't as bad as Israel.

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Sorry goat, I didn't see your submission. My mom sending it to me was the first I had seen this.

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I should have said "commented on this elsewhere..."

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Assign your mom a 5 page paper rebutting the top 5 arguments against supporting Israel.

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If Israel needs money, why not borrow it like everyone else. Why do they get a hand out instead of usury? How long until the Israelis turn over the f-35s to china? They have a history of doing exactly that. How many of our troops in Iraq were sniped by Israeli snipers?

Love the jew ears on that guy..

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Did anyone actually listen to it? Despite the stupidity of “it’s a good a decent country” which shouldn’t have been said since it is opinion based and all of the other soft fluff about how they innovate and we benefit from it (which is immeasurable), the $38billion is over 10years. At $3.8billion per year, they are required to spend that on buying US goods, so all of that money comes back into the US economy (likely through inflated military purchases). Not necessarily a bad thing imho.

Probably the most important part is they are the least of all of the crazies in the Middle East. Not ideal by a long shot, but look around at their neighbors..their neighbors would gladly kill you and rape your mom, sell your wife, and indoctrinate your children and siblings into their society without batting an eye or feeling bad in any way. We don’t have to provide troops because they are our troops by proxy.

Do I agree with Israel? Nah. Big Hasidic cult within the country, treat non-Jewish people like second class citizens, and annex land by building settlements then complain about being shot at. Are they strategically located for the US? Hell yes. Would I rather it be them on the front line than us? Sure.

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Bro - show these people how much you believe in your post.

I'll give you a Bitcoin address -> you send me money -> I use that money to buy things from you. Tons of money flowing into your own economy.

Not a bad deal, right? Or is this one of these deals that is a good deal if you are on one side but when you are on the other you have all sorts of excuses for?

Probably the most important part is they are the least of all of the crazies in the Middle East. Not ideal by a long shot, but look around at their neighbors..their neighbors would gladly kill you and rape your mom, sell your wife, and indoctrinate your children and siblings into their society without batting an eye or feeling bad in any way.


"About a dozen. In Acre four soldiers raped a girl and murdered her and her father. In Jaffa, soldiers of the Kiryati Brigade raped one girl and tried to rape several more. At Hunin, which is in the Galilee, two girls were raped and then murdered. There were one or two cases of rape at Tantura, south of Haifa. There was one case of rape at Qula, in the center of the country. At the village of Abu Shusha, near Kibbutz Gezer [in the Ramle area] there were four female prisoners, one of whom was raped a number of times. And there were other cases. Usually more than one soldier was involved. Usually there were one or two Palestinian girls. In a large proportion of the cases the event ended with murder. Because neither the victims nor the rapists liked to report these events, we have to assume that the dozen cases of rape that were reported, which I found, are not the whole story. They are just the tip of the iceberg."

You were saying about rape?

As to the indoctrination of children - between Palestine and Israel, which of the two has contacted the Ministry of Education in the United States and told them that it is racist to criticise their country? Sure wasn't Palestine. But that's okay I guess - because according to you it is okay to indoctrinate children and mistreat them, as long as they aren't Israeli children. Isn't that what you're getting at? If Israel indoctrinates 10000 American children you are perfectly okay with that - in fact it isn't even worth a mention in your little shitpost.

Or maybe you want to talk about the 500 kids that Israel - the people you are saying aren't crazies - killed in just 50 days in 2014. That's 10 kids a day. That is okay to you, killing children? Remind me - in that same time how many children did the big bad Palestinians kill? 1?

When the Israelis killed 1500 civilians in 2014 the Palestinians killed what, 6 civilians? But 60+ militants. Odd - if you look at the actual numbers and aren't just watching these stupid Youtube videos it would almost seem like the terrorists are the Israelis, the ones that kill women and children are the Israelis. But here you are telling us otherwise...because - I'm sure - you saw it on the news.

Are they strategically located for the US? Hell yes. Would I rather it be them on the front line than us? Sure.

This has got to be the stupidest thing of all of the things you wrote. Imagine I go into your neighborhood and start kicking people out of their homes and then steal a home right in the middle of that neighborhood and call it my own. Am I suddenly strategically located? Well I guess - but if I didn't go around stealing homes then it wouldn't matter anyways because there would be no enemies to be strategically located relative to.

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How many IDF went Afghanistan, or Iraq? So this money is essentially welfare for American arm producers? Fuck that. They want Syria to be next, you gonna go?

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Why do we need troops by proxy though? Europe and then a whole ocean still separates them from us. Sounds like it shouldn't be our problem.

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Yes, I watched the whole video, and not once did he mention Israel killing American troops. Therefore I've concluded it is pure propagandistic bullshit.

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Israel takes care of itself

which is why it will be taking $38 billion more US tax dollars

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I think even Unz called out prager for being a total fraud kike.

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